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Best Interior Designers, North America

The Best Interior Designers of Seattle

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As the largest growing city in the pacific northwest, Seattle interior designers have an advantage of living in a hub for amazing contemporary design all around them. The city’s diverse history also plays a part in today’s local interior design interpretations. It is a vibrant seaport city. As a result, there is a rich story of people from all over the world took dock there.

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The Best Interior Designers of Seattle

 Alinda Morris Interior Design is a boutique interior design studio. Each project is unique because it reflects the personal style of its clients. Collaborations with local artisans and makers create a more meaningful space and add luxury to every project.

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The Best Interior Designers of Seattle

Amy Baker, founder and principal designer of Amy Baker Interior Design, has a background in commercial architecture design. Knowledge of the commercial side of design gives her a fresh perspective on her residential projects.


Arroyo Interior Design is an interior design company that focuses its work on the functionality and detailing of the design. The goals are to do better-environmental building construction techniques and details.

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B+H Architects Seatle Studio

Image courtesy of: B+H Architects Seatle Studio

B+H Architects believes in the power of design to transform spaces, communities, and economies. The firm enables its clients’ visions through customized designs that exceed their business goals and inspire the people that live, work, heal, play, and learn within them. Their bold design solutions are inspired by the confidence that’s derived from honed insight, active listening, fearless entrepreneurialism, and a collaborative fusion of perspectives.


The Best Interior Designers of Seattle

Don has built his reputation creating timeless and classic interiors. Today BDA has become an internationally recognized design and build firm. Featured in Architectural Digest, Don has extensive experience working with clients and is widely respected for his interior design services. Rather than following a particular style, Don draws his inspiration from architecture and art. Whether it is creating progressive and timeless interiors or designing and customizing furniture he succeeds in fulfilling the client’s vision.


The Best Interior Designers of Seattle

Inspired by conceptual art, Brian Paquette Interiors designs homes and spaces that feel like living art. Since 2009, Brian Paquette has been creating award-winning interiors in the Seattle, Washington area and beyond. His recent Luxe Magazine Pacific Northwest cover story (pictured at top) combines eclectic interior design and decor with quirky architecture. The overall design creates ar calm and inviting atmosphere with just the right amount of pops of bold colour.

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Colleen Knowles Interior Design is a high-end interior design firm based on Mercer Island. One of the Pacific Northwest’s leading luxury residential designers.

Dawson Design Associates, Inc

Image courtesy of: dawsondesignassociates.com

As an artistic studio specializing in Hospitality Design, Dawson Design Associates, Inc. approaches each new assignment with the goal to create spaces that provoke passion and engage our guests both intellectually and visually. They want their experience and interaction with the hotel to be both intimate and personal.




The Best Interior Designers of Seattle

Bespoke design that mixes vintage and new, whether for interiors, architecture, staging, or a consultation, is the goal of Gath Interior Design. One of Andrew’s clients says of him, “Andrew was thoughtful and diligent in helping us find our desired aesthetic, suggesting creative ideas, and selecting the right pieces for the right spaces, all while adhering to our budget.”

Gensler Portland

Image courtesy of: Gensler Design

Gensler is a global design firm that partners with clients to create more livable cities, smarter workplaces, and more engaging leisure destinations. Since 1965, they have helped clients achieve measurable business and organizational goals, delivering projects as large as a city and as small as a task light for an individual desk.



Gensler Seattle

Image courtesy of: Gensler Seattle

Gensler is a global design firm that partners with clients to create more livable cities, smarter workplaces, and more engaging leisure destinations. Since 1965, they have helped clients achieve measurable business and organizational goals, delivering projects as large as a city and as small as a task light for an individual desk.

Heidi Caillier

Image courtesy of: heidicaillierdesign.com

Heidi Caillier Design is a full-service interior design firm based in Seattle, experienced in everything from new build construction to simple room refreshes. Their expertise lies in full-scale renovations and full-house furnishings. They work closely with architects, builders, contractors, furniture makers, and artisans to create unique spaces that are client-friendly and speak to your specific needs.


HOK Seattle

Image courtesy of: hoknetwork

HOK thinks the warm, friendly culture in their studios is pretty special. They’re a highly collaborative group of people who enjoy working together and are generous about sharing our knowledge, research and innovations. They see themselves as a global network of designers made up of small teams of friends working together to solve complex problems.


The Best Interior Designers of Seattle

Combining architecture, interior design, and landscape design, Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers takes a holistic design approach to all of its residential clients’ design needs. GCD believes that good design requires both science and art, intuition and skill, design knowledge and imagination.


The Best Interior Designers of Seattle

Specializing in residential interior design, the Gregory Carmichael Interior Design team has been highly recognized and awarded since soon after its establishment in 1996. Founder Gregory Carmichael focuses on elegant form and useful function all while being original and meeting the client’s needs.



Image courtesy of: j-plus-studio.com

Joy Rondello is an interior designer specializing in residential and retail design. She founded J+Studio in Seattle, Washington. After receiving her Political Economy degree, she left her hometown in Manila to join the Interior Design program at Parsons School of Design. Projects Joy has worked on have appeared in The New York Times, The Seattle Times, Seattle Met, Women’s Wear Dailyand Gray Magazine.


The Best Interior Designers of Seattle

Bold and eclectic, yet inviting and sophisticated designs define the work of Michelle Dirkse and her team. As recipients of the 2017 Northwest Design Award for Small Design Firm Luminary, the Michelle Dirkse team’s work is highly regarded in the professional interior design community. Michelle has also created her own textiles line with patterns made from original artwork. The textile line focuses on scale, pattern, and texture. It is sure to add a gorgeously unique accent to whatever space it is in. Obviously, it fits perfectly with her noteworthy mixture of design styles throughout each project.


The Best Interior Designers of Seattle

The Miller Interior Design philosophy starts with an ancient quote that places wisdom and knowledge at the forefront of how they create designs. Keith Miller has won awards for his preservation and sustainability practices in interior design. Keith has designs that have even been featured on HGTV! He often serves as a Juror for ASID design competitions.



Founded and headed by Nancy Burfiend, NB Design Group Interiors specializes in high-end residential interiors of all sizes. While they specialize in residential designs, they also have developed swanky interiors for commercial projects. The NB Design Group Interiors firm has been highly awarded by several design organizations and featured in many magazines over the years. The firm’s opulent designs have garnered them a place on the Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine Gold List in 2018, 2017, and 2014.


Image courtesy of: perkinswill.com

Perkins&Will is an interdisciplinary, research-based architecture and design firm that was founded in 1935 on the belief that design has the power to transform lives. Guided by its core values—design excellence, diversity and inclusion, research, resilience, social purpose, sustainability, and well-being—the firm is committed to designing a better, more beautiful world with gorgeous design projects all across the globe.


The Best Interior Designers of Seattle

Sonia Carlson brings a diverse design background to the design field. She grew up immersed in the design and construction fields in Norway. She went on to earn her credentials at the University of Oregon after studying Interior Architecture and Historic Preservation. Carlson loves the combination of mid-century modern and eclectic styles. The clean lines and textural elements combine to create a refined, yet comfortable space. Experienced in both hospitality and residential design, Sonia keeps the human experience at the forefront of her design solutions.

Stuart Silk Architects

Image courtesy of: Stuart Silk Architects

Stuart Silk Architects views architecture as a calling and a craft, an art form and an alliance. They value longevity, innovation, and versatility. They revel in the organic process of design and remain loyal to their values. Their goal is to create spaces that honor history with quality craftsmanship and celebrate innovation through creative design. Stuart Silk Architects are keenly sensitive to balance, seamlessly blending the old with the new. They believe in retaining the character and merging function with breathtaking aesthetics.

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