The 21 Best Interior Designers in Tel Aviv-Yafo 11
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The 21 Best Interior Designers in Tel Aviv-Yafo

This is the list of the Best Interior Designers In Tel Aviv-Yafo! Tel Aviv-Yafo, often referred to as just Tel Aviv, is the most populous city in the Gush Dan metropolitan area of Israel. Sit on our sofa and go get the popcorns, because we’re going on a journey to discover the Top Interior Designers in Tel Aviv-Yafo, to get to know all the inspiration you need for 2021!


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Amit Studio

The 21 Best Interior Designers in Tel Aviv-Yafo
Credits: Amit Design Studio

Amit Design Studio by founders Gali Amit and Yoav Amit, is specializing in interior design. Interior design is their greatest passion, and they devote most of their time to it. They know how to design your home, your business, your space. They trust in design and they believe that a dream that is dreamed together is a reality.

Annette Frommer

The 21 Best Interior Designers in Tel Aviv-Yafo 2
Credits: Annette Frommer

Annette Frommer Interior Design is an Israeli based firm serving an international client base. Founded by Annette Frommer, the studio consistently strives to bring beauty, harmony and a sophisticated design aesthetic. With over two decades of successful design experience, Annette and her team provide personal and select service. The firm believes that design is intimately tied to functionality, place and client aspirations, as well as to cultural traditions. Thus, each design opportunity is a new life story waiting to unfold. The firm manages and coordinates all technical and logistical aspects of the project in order to save the client precious time.

AR Studio

The 21 Best Interior Designers in Tel Aviv-Yafo 2

Credits: AR Studio

This top interior design firm in Tel-Aviv Yafo has as vision behind arstudio, a young architecture practice established in 2002, was to create a professional creative studio for architecture that would have the ability to cope with challenging design and planning situations. The idea of Arnon Nir, founder and principal architect, was to establish a studio rather then an office, based on the belief that team work in an environment fostering the interaction of ideas and attitudes, as well as mutual criticism, is essential for creating better architecture.


Bar Orian Architects

The 21 Best Interior Designers in Tel Aviv-Yafo 2
Credits: Bar Orian Architects

Bar Orian Architects was established by Tal and Gidi Bar Orian in 1990. This top interior design firm in in Tel Aviv-Yafo was first recognized for its work in preservation, the firm’s sophisticated approach to additions and extensions of historical structures quickly won it international attention and a growing number of projects. Setting a high standard for the renewal of the old city of Tel Aviv–Yafo, Bar Orian is credited as the main creative force behind its architectural reinvention. Today, Bar Orian Architects is engaged in a wide range of projects from high rises to high tech bridges. The studio’s design, construction, engineering, and urban planning divisions enable it to continuously expand into new domains while maintaining and optimizing its own standard for highest quality.


Gittie Perl

The 21 Best Interior Designers in Tel Aviv-Yafo 2
Credits: Gitte Perl

Since establishing her firm in 2011, Gittie Perl has been creating interior design solutions for residential dwellings in the Jerusalem area. She is described as both sophisticated and down-to-earth and easy to work with among clients and design professionals alike. Particularly, her maximum commitment to each project and her unwillingness to compromise for anything less than perfection, has made her the go-to designer in Jerusalem .Her design philosophy stresses a holistic approach, a complete integration of all elements to be sure they coexist and interact in an organic manner. The end result are rich living environments defined by cohesive compositions, beautiful textures, and refined materials.


HOM Pure Space

Credits: HOM Pure Space

This top interior design firm in Tel Aviv-Yafo is created by Hezi Maor and Ortal Sigler Maor, graduates of Shenkar, High School of Engineering and Design. Studio HOM, creates for them an opportunity to meet people, plan and design for them for a quality result. The guiding principle for this team and the studio staff is architectural design in a method that allows spaces and the environment to be useful, smart and temporary. Over the past 12 years they have learned a lot about the responsibility to initiate, design and lead residential, commercial, office and leisure projects. HOM is a studio from H2O that is an agency for branding and interior design for businesses that they own.

Inbal Karako

The 21 Best Interior Designers in Tel Aviv-Yafo 2
Credits: Inbal Karko

Her name is Inbal Karko and she is a recommended interior designer and feng shui consultant. She understands everyone’s needs. You want a kitchen like in magazines: beautiful and comfortable. And a luxurious and pampering living room that the whole family will enjoy meeting. And a study you can concentrate on. And a bedroom that feels like a hotel, etc. You want a special home, not like everyone else has. A home tailor-made for you, your needs and desires. And you need help, because you can not do it alone. Many of people ask her “How is it that your whole project looks different?” and the answer is simples. “Because I draw inspiration for my designs from my clients. From their life story, from their loves, from their environment, from their fantasies. When my clients’ house is located in a rural area, I choose natural materials like wood, bricks and stone, for clients who have experienced bereavement, I designed a colorful house, to give them back the joy of life. For clients looking for peace, I design a modern and clean home that transmits quiet.”


Jacobs Yaniv Architects

The 21 Best Interior Designers in Tel Aviv-Yafo 2
Credits: Jacobs Yaniv Architects

Jacobs -Yaniv Architects is a top interior design firm in Tel Aviv-Yafo with considerable project running experience and a portfolio which includes high end houses and apartments, residential building, commercial spaces and public projects. The practice also specializes in ‘one stop shop’ service for overseas clients wishing to build a holiday home or a temporary residence in Israel. Each and every project is meticulously thought through, with great care and attention to design, the client’s requirements and the site conditions. Both founding partners are personally involved in every project to ensure continuity from the initial sketches and ideas, through planning permission to the construction phase on site.


Kimmel Eshkolot Architects

The 21 Best Interior Designers in Tel Aviv-Yafo 2
Credits: Kimmel Eshkolot

Kimmel Eshkolot Architects is an award-winning Israeli architecture practice, founded in 1986 in Tel Aviv by Etan Kimmel and Michal Kimmel Eshkolot. The practice is currently involved in dozens of projects both in Israel and in Europe, ranging from urban design and public buildings to residential and interior design. As architects they have a great environmental responsibility, and therefore sustainability is a key aspect in their thinking. In each project, they search for hints and opportunities to generate the best project possible. They want the project to be true to its essence, rich in its complexity and yet simple. In this way they attempt to expand the meaning of their architecture, through the program and with their clients’ ambitions.


Maayan Zusman

The 21 Best Interior Designers in Tel Aviv-Yafo 2 9
Credits: Maayan Zusman

Maayan Zusman, based in Tel Aviv, was established by Maayan Zusman in 2012. Maayan holds B.A, M.B.A and Interior Design degrees in addition to extensive experience from the hi-tech world. The studio provides interior architecture and design services for projects of all shape and size, both in residential and commercial spaces. The studio truly believe that both form and function can and should be achieved in a creative yet practical manner.


MYS Architects

The 21 Best Interior Designers in Tel Aviv-Yafo 2
Credits: MYS Architects

MYS is a top interior design firm in Tel Aviv-Yafo that brings to every project an unprecedented accumulation of experience held by their excellent staff of over 130 talented professionals, who among them speak more than 10 languages. Their portfolio includes a long list of award-winning projects, master plans and designs in the commercial, residential, health care, hospitality and public sectors, spread throughout Israel and 32 countries worldwide. They work across the globe and collaborate with their European office in Serbia and with other local partners in order to expedite matters of licensing, standards, regulations, tenders and supervision, and to keep track of local trends as they unfold.

OMY Design

The 21 Best Interior Designers in Tel Aviv-Yafo 11
Credits: OMY Design Studio

OMY Studio was established in 2014 byOfri Danon & Maya Shelef. Both graduated from The College of Management  Israel’s (B.DESinterior design program. The studio, located in Florentine neighborhood, Tel Aviv, was inspired by the urban surrounding in which it is situated. OMY  specializes in interior design for private dwellings as well as public and commercial spaces.


Pitaro Hecht 

The 21 Best Interior Designers in Tel Aviv-Yafo

Pitaro Hecht is an acclaimed luxury living connoisseurs and time-honored importers of the world’s finest and most exclusive furniture and home accessories.


Pitsou Kedem

The 21 Best Interior Designers in Tel Aviv-Yafo 11
Credits: Pitsou Kedem

The interior design studio lends its language to the modernist style and its work revolves around the period and design values of the modernist movement. In its the early years the studio engaged in constant dialogue and exploration with the core values of minimalism; Reduction, disassembling the building materials, as a process of avoiding irrelevance in order to emphasize the central essence and theme, refinement and search for the essence of space. The process led to a tight, uncompromising architecture in search of absolute truth. This pursuit of simplicity produced sophisticated, accurate and unique results. Most of the projects were characterized by simple, rectangular, repetitive geometric shapes that give a precise and fastened appearance. The fronts are uniform, monochromatic, devoid of decorations and overly sweeping gestures, with the main reference to light and movement as a basic motif. Through this language there is a sincere attempt to put order in urban chaos.


Roy David Architecture

The 21 Best Interior Designers in Tel Aviv-Yafo 11
Credits: Roy David Architecture

Roy David Architecture is a top interior design firm in Tel Aviv-Yafo that specializes in work environments, residential, retail and hotels design. Their work is driven by the search for the unique essence of space. Finding the right interpretation, develop the project design language and simply creating an inspiring and thought provoking spaces. Their ever-growing passion for natural materials and light direct in their journey for the next challenge. The combination between all above and the use of new technologies provide them the tools to communicate theirmessage, at its best, with the world.

Rust Architects

The 21 Best Interior Designers in Tel Aviv-Yafo 11
Credits: Rust Architects

RUST is a young Tel-Aviv based design studio, developing architectural and interior projects in a wide range of environments ranging from small to large scale that engage in issues of creativity and knowledge, realism and imagination, function and culture. In the last couple of years the studio has completed projects in the private and business sector with a proven track record in bringing to the customer an innovative planning approach.


Sarit Shani Hay

Credits: Sarit Shani Hay

Sarit Shani Hay is a design studio for playful living for toddlers, kids, teens and adults. A visit to Shani Hay Studio reveals a world of color, craftsmanship and wit, with eclectic references to comic books, fairy tales, modernist designers and African art. Shani Hay’s designs afford a rich space of imagination, combining functionalism with humor, creating enchanting interiors. Working with a range of materials, textures and detailing, Shani Hay melds art and design for the intimate spaces of our daily-life, celebrating the joy of childhood for kids and adults alike. The studio preserves popular traditions of domestic production with new materials, affording a unique design approach. The studio’s designs for kids spaces have been a first harbinger and a revolutionary precedent in the design of public spaces for children. Throughout the years, the studio has been awarded various prestigious accolades from competitions worldwide.


Sivan Ben Ayun

The 21 Best Interior Designers in Tel Aviv-Yafo 11
Credits: Sivan Ben Ayun

This goal of this top interior design firm in Tel Aviv-Yafo is to create spaces that soak up calm, comfort and excitement. To Sivan, interior design is not only a visual matter, it is also a complex thought process. The studio specializes in planning and interior design for private homes, vacation apartments, offices and businesses. Sivan helps the user from the planning stage to the execution and production stage of the small details, while emphasizing a functional, meticulous and inspiring design.




The 21 Best Interior Designers in Tel Aviv-Yafo 11
Credits: Studio37

The studio provides planning and interior design services, consulting, professional guidance and project management. They are specialized in Total Designers’ design and design of apartments, private homes, unique hotel rooms and office spacesThe goal is to create homes and apartments for people and families, ones that are fun to live in, fun to host within and always fun to return to. Homes that first and foremost cater to all the unique needs of their customers and at the same time manage to inspire on a daily basis, be aesthetically pleasing and refreshing in terms of design and stand the test of time.


Tal Goldsmith Fish

The 21 Best Interior Designers in Tel Aviv-Yafo 11
Credits: Tal Goldsmith Fish

Tal Goldsmith Fish is the owner of an up and coming architecture & design studio in Tel-Aviv, Israel. The studio explores the principles of beauty and the power of what is implied on space, rather than obvious, with constant effort to translate a story into space. With passion to observe and learn the universal language of the architecture and design scene, the studio takes a modernist approach, minimal morphology, and seeks to find accurate solutions and refined details. Acknowledging the important use of natural materials which provide the story of their aging.


Warshawsky Architecture+Design

The 21 Best Interior Designers in Tel Aviv-Yafo 11
Credits: Warshwsky Architecture + Design

This top interior design firm in Tel Aviv-Yafo is specialized in design of small architectural objects, residential and commercial interiors. They work with a passion to create functional, balanced structures and spaces, while maintaining quality, simplicity and uniqueness. These principles, coupled by ongoing contact with their clients through every stage of the project, make each project unique and whole. Their work is based on objective parameters such as location, the client’s cultural background, time and budget resources, sided by subjective parameters such as atmosphere, comfort, balance, tactility.

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