The 14 Best Interior Designers of Valencia
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Best Interior Designers, Europe

The 14 Best Interior Designers of Valencia

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Valencia is one beautiful city located in the south-eat cost of Spain. Even though their tapas are delicious, this article will focus on something equally amazing as their food. Are you ready to meet the 14 best interior designers in Valencia?

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Ari Signes Designs

The 14 Best Interior Designers of Valencia

Arantxa Signes is a truly passionate and talented interior designer. She is a great communicator and can interpret and make her clients’ vision a reality with clarity and harmony. Her style is fresh, contemporary and her philosophy is to create spaces that combine functionality and beauty. She offers comprehensive services in all aspects of design and decoration in a professional and reliable manner giving the client peace of mind and confidence throughout the process. It has a certain bohemian and eclectic spirit, which allows it to be open-minded to anything that can bring something new.


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AMD Estudio

The 14 Best Interior Designers of Valencia

Their main goal is the complete satisfaction of their clients. For that, they will accompany them and advise them throughout the whole process. They will develop the creative part and the technical documentation, the management and direction in execution of work, finishing with the furnishing and decoration. They work with the dedication of making their passion for interior design their clients’ dream space.


Bellas Artes

The 14 Best Interior Designers of Valencia

You can’t work on something without having a specific objective, they say. Bellas Artes’ designer’s job is not simply to create beautiful images, as some people think. Their priority is to achieve unity of the three components of the interior: functionality, comfort and beauty. They are convinced that in design there are no small things, everything has its place, that is why they think carefully about all the details of the interior. Every project is unique, oriented to a specific person or family, taking into account their tastes, habits, lifestyle. They develop only real projects, which can be carried out.


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CALMA Estudio de Arquitectura

The 14 Best Interior Designers of Valencia

CALMA is an architecture and interior design studio founded in Valencia by architects Sonsoles Carmona, Juan Luis Lahoz and Carolina Martí. The studio carries out work on many different scales – from product design to architectural projects – establishing the appropriate collaboration in each case with the aim of offering clients the best response to their needs.


Cota Cero Interiorismo

The 14 Best Interior Designers of Valencia

Diana Artíguez’s studio specializes in residential interior design projects, installations and contract work. They are in charge of the integral management of the project, with execution, work management and turnkey delivery. They also manufacture and design custom furniture for projects that require it. Lighting projects, equipment for offices, shops, hotels, restaurants and any public space. Furnishing, equipping and decorating homes.


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ERSA Proyectos

The 14 Best Interior Designers of Valencia

ERSA Proyectos is an interior design firm in Valencia that specializes in refurbishment, construction, air conditioning, heating installations and renewable energy, both in homes and in companies, premises or communities. They carry out partial and comprehensive refurbishments in private homes as well as in commercial premises. Thanks to their team of professionals and technicians, they offer our clients a complete service, including interior design and advice on decoration. They count with more than 35 years of experience guaranteed to their clients.

Hayon Studio

Hayon Studio’s creative base is in Valencia, Spain with offices in Barcelona and Treviso, Italy, Jaime’s work has appeared in the most prestigious art and design publications worldwide. He has won numerous awards, including multiple Elle Decoration International Design Awards, included by Wallpaper Magazine in its “Top 100” list and recognised by the magazine as one of the most influential creators of the last decade, lauded as a “visionary” and one of the most creative icons by Times magazine.



The 14 Best Interior Designers of Valencia

IMPATTO is an architecture and interior design office, composed of an architect and an industrial design engineer, trained to solve the problems that may arise during the study of the project as well as during its execution. In addition, we have a large group of collaborators who have demonstrated their effectiveness and efficiency when executing the works. As experts in interior architecture, they will create a personalized design that meets your needs, contributing their creativity and highlighting the positive factors of the space. This not only saves time and money, but also gives them the best guarantee that the final result will meet your satisfactions.


Masquespacio is an award creative studio created in 2010 by Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse. Combining the 2 disciplines of their founders, interior design and marketing, the Spanish design agency creates custom-made branding and interior projects through a unique approach that results in fresh and innovative concepts.


The 14 Best Interior Designers of Valencia

”You deserve to live in the house you love” is their motto. Monbuc is an architecture and interior design studio in the heart of Valencia that is dedicated to instilling the personality and vision of each client in unique and surprising projects. Their design and collaboration process works especially well for people who connect with their work and know what they like, but cannot devote the time and energy needed to build or design a house from scratch. They carefully evaluate their clients’ needs and provide them with a design that is a unique expression of their lifestyle. At Monbuc they offer different packages of services adapted to their clients from the integral design of the homes as well as more specific spaces such as the living room, kitchen or bedrooms.


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MAUA Estudio

The 14 Best Interior Designers of Valencia

Understanding and interpreting their clients’ lifestyles and tastes is the basic premise of their interior design studio. MAUA Estudio is committed to making sure that the projected design reflects their clients’ personalities and meets their needs. They design spaces for all kinds of projects in homes, offices and businesses, paying special attention to detail. They give big importance to finishes, the lighting, the creation of warm and welcoming environments. They always seek to make the best use of space, especially when it comes to small homes, to achieve a feeling of spaciousness and comfort. They are passionate about creating timeless spaces where the richness of textures, the combination of colours and shapes and the mix of materials stand out.


Nogales Interiores

The 14 Best Interior Designers of Valencia

Nogales interiors is a team of professionals dedicated to interior design. The activity of the studio is focused on decoration projects, execution of work and equipment in homes, hotels and commercial premises. Beatriz and Marta Fernández Nogales are the faces of a team formed over the years. Their work as decorators and furniture designers is made possible by their trusted builder, who coordinates all the trades and other professionals they involve, such as coating specialists and other professionals who are committed to the same idea. This allows them to face the projects with the total confidence of finding the result sought by their clients. They love recovering furniture and accessories for their projects and are committed to an interior design that is accessible to everyone.


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 Studio Transparente

The 14 Best Interior Designers of Valencia

Studio Transparente is a comprehensive design studio specializing in sustainable and ecological interior design and architecture projects. They cover different types of projects: homes, commercial spaces, public works, corporate image, they create installations, ephemeral and outdoor spaces, aimed at individuals, companies and public administrations, both national and foreign. They are interested in architecture that transmits sensations, simple and intelligent, rich in spaces, the study of lighting, the good use of materials, the integration of projects in their environment, while giving a global vision to commercial projects with their services of branding, online marketing and branding.

Triggo Interiorismo

The 14 Best Interior Designers of Valencia

With more than 15 years of experience, Triggo Interiorismo design all types of spaces for both individuals and companies (hotels, restaurants, commercial premises, etc,…). Their team of interior designers and architects will advise their clients throughout the project process, so that they don’t have to worry about anything. They develop the creative and technical part of the project, the direction and execution of the work and the coordination of it, in order to comply with the agreed deadlines and budget. By leaving your renovation in the hands of Triggo Interiorismo, you will achieve a functional, beautiful space full of personality.

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VEREURO 2013 S.L – JanfriRanchal Studio

The Janfri Ranchal Studio team aims to improve your world, generating beautiful, functional and friendly buildings and spaces, also sustainable, giving a comprehensive and satisfactory response to your interests, of any scale and budget, from a multidisciplinary perspective that encompasses architecture, interior design, engineering and design.


VIC Projects

The 14 Best Interior Designers of Valencia

The studio’s philosophy is based on cooperation with the client, respecting their preferences, taking into account the sense of aesthetics and current trends in architecture and interior design. They value functionality and timelessness. Their interiors are characterized by clean forms, functionality of space, quality materials, care for details and lighting specially selected for each project. Creating unique designs is their goal, which is why they begin to design the space by studying it and carrying out a creative process, always adapting to the client, as they seek to ensure that they find the comfort they desire today, but also over the years. They also offer the possibility of supervising the project in all its phases of execution, the creation of customized furniture and the fitting out of interior spaces.


Valeria Bonomi Interiorismo y Arquitectura

The 14 Best Interior Designers of Valencia

Valeria is a professional who is passionate about Interior Design, Architecture and Design in all its forms. With experience in homes and commercial premises, what she enjoys the most are the projects in which she can give free rein to her artistic freedom thanks to the trust of her clients. However, her way of working always respects the needs and tastes of her clients. She loves when the client shares an idea or a feeling and turns it into reality, reflecting it in an environment, a detail or an atmosphere. She has a large team of professionals who cover all types of refurbishment.


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