Texas best design projects Jan Showers
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Texas best design projects: Jan Showers

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Jan Showers, a well-known interior designer from Dallas (Tx), has grown exponentially. However, this has nothing to do with luck but everything to do with her talent. Jan Showers is known for creating rooms that stand apart from the usual, and yet, are completely livable and reflect her clients’ lifestyles. She and her talented team make sure that each project they do represents something personal about the client, but always with a different approach. Showers’ favorite quote is “The first thing I tell my clients is that they need to look great and feel good in their own rooms, otherwise, why bother?” She is known for using luxurious fabrics, leathers, colors that are unexpected, and her ability to mix traditional with mid-20th century modern.

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Jan Showers is the principal of Dallas-based Jan Showers & Associates and  also the author ofGlamorous Rooms. Showers is known for designing interiors that are simultaneously elegant and personal, sophisticated yet utterly livable. Her mantra? Classic and timeless designs are forever.

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Though known for shimmering midcentury-modern-inflected spaces where a tray of martinis wouldn’t be amiss, Jan Showers has a disarmingly straightforward philosophy: “Decorating is never successful if it’s not about the people who live in those spaces,” she says. As illustrated in her recent book, Glamorous Retreats, that up-close-and-personal approach is layered with inspiration gleaned from various sources, including the polished prewar houses of Texas architect John F. Staub, the eclectic yet elegant style of peerless tastemakers such as Frances Elkins, and Showers’s own regular buying trips to Paris.

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The interiors she conceives for her elite clientele typically feature mirrored or lacquered furnishings, both vintage examples and custom-made creations from her design collection, which shows the influence of André Arbus, Jean-Maurice Rothschild, and other Art Deco icons.

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Texas best design projects Jan Showers

Jan Showers is as talented as she is adorable. Her design is pure glamour but at the same time it’s very comfortable and I feel it’s very approachable. You probably have seen her work on many blogs and magazines before. She’s been featured in Elle Décor, Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, InStyle Home, In Style, Luxe, Town & Country, Western Interiors, Veranda, Traditional Home and Southern Accents. She was named as one of “The Top 100 Interior Designers in America” by House Beautiful.