Studiopepe and Essential Home, a Match Made in Heaven
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Studiopepe and Essential Home, a Match Made in Heaven

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Famous Italian design studio Studiopepe has a inspiring partnership with the renowned European mid-century brand Essential Home.


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Studiopepe surprises the world’s design lovers with a unique collection that is quite out of the ordinary and that will promise to Highlight the beauty of the mid-century modern style!


Studiopepe and Essential Home, a Match Made in Heaven


Passionate about the multidisciplinary side of the design world, Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara di Pinto founded this incredible design studio in 2006 and since then they have become one of Italy’s most famous designers and you can read more about them at our Top Milanese Designers Ebook.


Studiopepe and Essential Home, a Match Made in Heaven


Challenged about Essential Homeunique lines and inspirations, the designers from Studiopepe decided to accept the incredible challenge that was to create the most memorable collection that they have ever seen. With a unique selection of fabrics and materials, the designers’ main goal was to highlight the beautiful craftsmanship techniques that made them fall in love with Portugal.


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This vintage fascination isn’t a new thing in the design life of Arianna and Chiara. They always have been influenced by the 50s thanks to Milan’s exquisite architecture. Being a part of their history, the vintage inspirations are also a big part of their Studiopepe‘s work and the base of their contemporary twist concept.



The biggest challenge for this brand new collection was to not create a scenography scenario, otherwise, the final result could be counter-productive. We live in 2020, even though I appreciate those ages, we are here, and it is cool to get inspiration from those years, making a re-elaborated version with a contemporary touch, as the Great Gatsby’s house, or inspiration from theatre”, enhanced Chiara. Inspired by the most important components of mid-century lifestyles, such as music, fashion, and literature, the Italian based designers are lovers of the creative and modern concepts that this luxury design brand brings to our days. For this brand new furniture collection, the Italian designers decided to go with unique ideas in terms of colors, shapes, and fabrics that in their vision represent perfectly the mid-century modern identity of Essential Home.


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Exclusive Details On Studiopepe’s New Mid-Century Furniture Collection studiopepe Exclusive Details On Studiopepe’s New Mid-Century Furniture Collection Exclusive Details On Studiopepe s New Mid Century Furniture Collection 5
Image Credit: Studiopepe

When it comes to shapes, the former collections created by Studiopepe tell us that the Italian designers love to work with impressive curved shapes… So is this new mid-century collection is going to be an exception? We believe that Arianna and Chiara will stick to their roots and incorporate their famous curved shapes inspirations into Essential Home‘s brand new collection!



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Also Essential Home present a collection that takes every design lover back to the roots and origins of mid-century style. A new chapter of Essential Home story is born: a fresh new take on the basics of design with a furniture line based on natural and simple elegance. Take a look at the stunning and versatile products of the incredible Village collection and join Best Interior Designers blog on this journey back in time. Let us be your guide on this new experience of design like you’ve never seen before.






Minelli Bed

Village Collection Discover A New Meaning To Mid-Century Style_2 (1) mid-century style Village Collection: Discover A New Meaning To Mid-Century Style Village Collection Discover A New Meaning To Mid Century Style 2 1

mid-century style bed that is perfect for a bedroom ambience that is both sober and sophisticated. This bed’s body, which displays beautifully organic lines, is built out of walnut wood and is then expertly covered by bonded velvet. Only the sides are left with exposed wood, showing this bed’s true sobriety. No doubt a truly inspiring design for retro lovers who crave for lavish yet clear-headed design.