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Studio Jacques Garcia | A Visionary Designer In The Hospitality Industry

Studio Jacques Garcia is best known for the outstanding and forward-thinking work they have produced for the hotel sector. Jacques Garcia has styled and decorated some of the most well-known hotels all around the world. Today, we pay tribute to this illustrious architect, inventor, and interior designer who paved the path for succeeding eras with his stunning interiors.

Jacques Garcia has already shown a remarkable ability for drawing and an appreciation for art. When he was eight years old, he built and furnished the house of his grandparents. He eventually went to an applied arts school and an interior design school to advance his knowledge and education in the sector. However, he had never actually worked in interior design before.

Garcia began designing the interiors of hotels like Le Méridien and Royal Monceau in Paris after completing his study by joining a modern architecture firm. He was also in charge of creating the decor for both Hôtel Costes and the restaurant. At this point, his style begins to develop in a more distinct, enticing, and distinct manner. Garcia also designed the interiors of the Hotel Majestic and the Fouquet restaurant.

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Additionally, he developed a penchant for gathering furniture and royal relics that had been dispersed during the French Revolution. For his achievements, he received the Order of Arts and Letters commandership and the Légion d’honneur chevaliership. The designer recently refurbished and redecorated the interiors of the Château de Versailles and the Louvre Museum. He assisted with the private bedrooms of the Château in the second example while working on the 35 rooms of the renowned museum in the first utilizing furniture from the 18th century.

“I am, before everything, a creator of atmospheres.” – Jacques Garcia




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