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Stools and Puffs | Seating Designs for Kids That Blend Comfort and Fun

When it comes to seating designs for kidscomfort and fun are the key elements to consider. It’s important to prioritize ergonomics to support their physical development while also creating an environment that stimulates their imagination. From stools to puffs and benches, there are numerous options available at Circu Magical Furniture to suit the needs and preferences of every child.




Bubble Gum Bench



With its creative and trendy round shapes, the Bubble Gum Bench is here to give more sweetness to your kids´room design. This elegant bench is the perfect item to add next to your kids´ bed or to any play area so that your child can relax and read its favorite fairytales in comfort. Built-in wood and with its velvet upholstery and gold details on the bottom, this unique product is going to help you bring your child’s personality to the room decor and will be a fun element in the room design.


Shark Stool



The Animal Stools collection owns an exclusive design that promises to awaken kids’ friendship with animals. When it comes to kids’ interiors, these stools introduce a modern design, always ensuring that the bedroom reflects the kids´ personality and is both fun and young. This stool series allows parents to choose the animal their kids like the most, making it possible to choose from birdshark, and elephant.



Illusion White Bear Stool



Illusion White Bear Stool will bring a touch of magic to the children’s playroom decor. These luxury kids’ chair sets include a table, a stool, and a chair, the perfect addition to every bedroom and playroom where kids can develop their skills and learn new things.



Hoot Stool



With the shape of an owl, the Hoot Stool represents the spirit of nature. Made with fiberglass and resin, this stool turns every kid’s bedroom into a space full of personality and will help children connect with nature. With a touch of faux fur on the top, this stool will add style and texture to your project design, making it perfect for every nature lover.


Cloud 2 Seat Bench



The Cloud Seat promises to awaken your children’s imagination and increase their creativity. When it comes to children’s interiors, this piece introduces a modern design, always ensuring that the bedroom reflects the child’s personality and is both fun and young. Inspired by the fluffiness of the clouds and the sensation of softness that they remind us of, this bench will make you feel like you’re sitting on a cloud. This piece is the perfect example of when design meets comfort.


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