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Best Interior Designers, North America

Sheltonmindel | Light, Nature And Simplicity

SheltonMindel brand continues the legacy of the firm founded by Peter L. Shelton & Lee F. Mindel in 1978 as Shelton Mindel & Associates. The firm continues to provide complete architecturalinterior and product design services for corporateculturalacademicretailrecreationalhospitality and residential clients, under the sustaining leadership of Lee F. Mindel, Architect, D.P.C., a New York Design Professional Corporation which performs all architectural services.

The firm is one of the top American interpreters of classic modernism in the industry today. Guided by principles of lightnature and simplicitySheltonMindel’s renowned designs and creations focus on simple constructionorganic shapes and unity of materials. Derived from form and function, SheltonMindel’s work transcends both to become art forms.

Manhattan Triplex

Through the use of a simple metaphor, reinforced with clean diagrammatic gestures, three separate floors in a developer building are combined in this renovation to create a seamlessly integrate triplex home. The use of visual diagrams to unite disparate spaces continues in the dining room and kitchen where a bar of larch wood extends through both spaces. A buffet niche in the dining room is punched out to reveal the blue lacquer which defines the hallway behind.

Curtain Wall Too

A modest single-story L-shaped cottage on a bayside site in Sag Harbor was converted into a single two-story building volume. A key intent of the design was to create a sense of privacy from the street on the front of the house while on the back opening the interior to nature and open waterfront views.

Root Trail Bungalow

Indoor/Outdoor Sculpture Garden – 56 Leonard

56 Leonard Aerie

To address the asymmetry of the large living and dining room, a new ceiling fixture was created to capture the disparate axes through the space and to soften the rigid relationship between the program and the curtain wall. By creating a rounded triangular plane from plaster, free-standing in the room, the furniture and program are able to resolve themselves in complete arrangements around this new center point. A celestial sculpture is installed on the fixture by Finnish artist Ilkka Suppanen. Custom designed for the piece, hundreds of Murano crystals are suspended as a cloud to disperse the light coming from minimal downlights in the plaster. The effect is an ethereal chandelier to further soften the space.

Manhattan Reservoir Residence

In a disconnected series of enclosed spaces, unify and open spaces to feel the presence of the light on three exposures and views of the reservoir and New York’s Central Park. The objective of this pre-war Manhattan apartment is to create a cohesive plan to unify and open the disjointed spaces while utilizing the light and views available of New York’s Central Park and Reservoir. A continuous window wall expressed as a bay system integrates heating, ventilating, storage and a motorized window treatment unifies the living room, family room and dining room. Partitions between these public areas remain freestanding, and the wall itself becomes a clearly articulated element, which emphasizes and frames the views of the Reservoir, Central Park, and the George Washington Bridge. The space appears open and light is allowed to flow freely between the rooms.



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