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Salone Del Mobile 2022 | Get To Know CPRN Homood

Salone Del Mobile 2022 | Get To Know CPRN Homood

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Salone Del Mobile 2022 will receive Cprn Homood. It’s a new Italian furniture brand that delivers game-changing statement pieces that give any interior space a premium touch.

Cprn Homood’s furniture collection was created by a team of highly skilled designers and technicians to bring to life a full concept brand that can create a real home lifestyle (from which our name “Homood” derives), producing not only furniture but also lighting, carpets, accessories, home fragrances, outdoor furniture, and a fully customizable bedding collection.



Salone Del Mobile Milano 2022

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CPRN Homood Starlight Collection

CPRN Homood confirms its search for a contemporary design characterized by graceful lines and a focus on comfort with the new Starlight series. All of the Starlight collection’s goods are attractive to the eye and special to the touch thanks to the careful selection of materials; classical craftsmanship, which has always guaranteed the finest quality, is employed to achieve modern results.

Starlight Bedroom

Each piece of Cprn Homood  furniture has been created by hand, using the finest Italian marble, embroidered leathers, hand crafted wood, glass and brushed metals, thus resulting in a luxurious and sophisticated furniture.

The bed, with its contemporary character and linear shape, is equipped with a box compartment, also available in a lighter version with feet and without box.

Starlight Living room

Their design team is always searching for new production processes such as geometrical inlays, wood carvings and hand-made stitching for our upholstered collections in order to intercept in advance the new fashion industry trends.

Also for the living room, the modular sofa, allows maximum freedom of composition, both in the choice of elements and in the choice of coverings. The armrests are wrapped in a saddle leather panel and the seat is made of several layers of different densities to promote comfort.


Starlight Dining room

Screen printing and chevron pattern engravings adorn glass and wood, geometric inlays adorn table and furniture tops, and unique stitching in relief adorns leather and fabric upholstery. The Starlight collection, in particular, has included marble inlay and the use of saddle leather, both of which are procedures that are found to be excellent in the areas surrounding the Company.

Starlight Collection Bedroom

The collection’s stylistic choices are re-proposed with numerous solutions for diverse situations. The house is made up of products of various shapes that are tastefully and harmoniously blended to accomplish the CPRN Homood lifestyle designation.


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