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Rockwell Group: Experience The Heart Of Las Vegas

Rockwell Group

Situated in the Strip, right in the heart of vibrant Las Vegas, there’s the new and exciting Cosmopolitan Hotel by the Rockwell Group. According to the Rockwell Group, people go to Las Vegas for something they can’t find at home, and their mission with this hotel was to fulfill that desire, to give them what they came looking for. But don’t be fooled, this is not just another Vegas Hotel, this one is the best.


Founded in 1984 by David Rockwell, the Rockwell Group is known for emphasizing innovation and leadership and this luxurious project was no exception.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas by The Rocwell Group staircase




Cosmopolitan Las vegas by rocwell Group video projection show lobby

The cosmopolitan hotel by the Rockwell Group lobby video

As soon as they enter the lobby, the guests are pleasantly surprised by video-wrapped columns -.an immersive experience where the virtual dancers respond to guests! When designing this hotel, the main goal was for the guests to be astonished as the designers didn’t want this to be just another Vegas Hotel. The Vegas Strip is where you can find most resorts and casinos and since The Cosmopolitan is located there, it had to have that WOW factor to stand out.


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The Cosmopolitan Hotel by The Rockwell Group The Chandelier Bar

the Cosmopolitan Hotel By The Rockwell Group The Chandelier bar lit up

Always aiming to stun, The Rockwell Group does it again in the bar area. In the Chandelier Bar, they literally aimed for the stars! With 21 miles of crystal-bead swags and digital projections, the Chandelier Bar creates an atmosphere of fantasy realism. Looking like a sky full of stars from the inside, the visitor inside and outside experience images on the chandelier’s skin differently.



The Cosmopolitan Hotel marquee swimming poolBy the Rockwell Group The Marquee

With an outside area to enjoy Los Angeles heat, in the Marquee, every guest is allowed their own luxurious experience with their own exclusive swimming pool. Although this hotel was designed pre-pandemic, it perfectly fits today’s reality. You can allow yourself to just indulge in this experience without a single worry in the world!


The Cosmopolitan Hotel eclectic colourful eating area by The Rockwell Group

The eating area is an experience of unexpected fusions of food, design, and art, where Chef José Andrés’s Jaleo reinvents authentic Spanish traditions with a twist. The reference to the Spanish culture is everywhere, from the curtains to the tableware even.


The Cosmopolitan Hotel by the Rockwell Group Games Area

While being in Vegas, the main purpose is to have fun! Spend some time at the Marquee Lounge and be delighted with this amazing experience. If you’re looking to make the most of your stay, there’s also a rare sunlight-filled casino. This hotel had to be different and eclectic in order to stand out and succeed.

The Cosmopolitan Hotel By the Rockwell Group Bar Area

Are you looking to de-stress? Enjoy a drink at the unbelievable Marquee Bar at the end of your day. The Rockwell Group completely fulfilled its goal with the design of this hotel, creating the perfect blend of nightlife, boutique shopping, and dining. The guest’s experience was completely transformed “from arriving, to eating, to dancing, to sleeping.



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