Retreat-Like Bathroom
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Let Yourself Relax In These Retreat-Like Bathrooms

Retreat-Like Bathrooms

The comfort and luxury you look for in other home divisions, transported into the bathroom through design. You can choose to fill your retreat-like bathroom with light tones, darker tones, or even with unique colors such as gold or maybe even pink! Take a deep dive and find out what are the best and most unique bathroom decor looks for your home.

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Luxurious Bathroom By PullcastThis luxurious grey bathroom is the ultimate retreat-like bathroom. The grey tones give it a serene and tranquil look, while the leaves on the wall complement the designs, making it look and feel like an actual oasis. This bathroom design features the Darian Washbasin, which makes a classy statement together with the Shield Mirror and its soft lighting, there’s a sense of peacefulness and relaxation. The perfect place to be after a long day!

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bthroom Design By Mark D. SikesMark D. Sikes is an esteemed interior designer and tastemaker, working on projects throughout the United States. He is known for all American sensibilities and a fresh take on classical aesthetics. Mark has a talent for creating beautiful and timeless interiors that embody an indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

Black And Gold Bathroom Design By Maison ValentinaFeaturing the sublime Diamond Freestanding and the magnificent Sapphire mirror, this sumptuous atmosphere is elevated by the high gloss black varnish of the freestanding and the magnetic golden details of the mirror, blending functionality, style, and luxury seamlessly.

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Black Retreat-Like Bathrooms LuxxuThe Majestic Suspension takes the form of two delicate lighting fixtures whose golden plated brass and crystal glass cylinders create an outstanding and exclusive design. With fine attention to detail, the craftsmanship of the Majestic II Suspension Lamp enables an exquisite and passionate atmosphere in any environment.

Bathroom by Clodagh DesignOne of the earliest adopters of feng shui in her design practice. Clodagh is once again ahead of the curve by now incorporating such cutting-edge modalities as chromatherapy and biophilia into all of her projects. Clodagh passionately believes that good design supports well-being and that it can transform people’s lives. The experience of entering a Clodagh-designed space is one of blissful serenity.

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Wood Cabinet Bathroom By PullcastAnother thing to take into consideration is the size of your hardware. In this bathroom setting, the nature-inspired Limb Drawer Handle is a showcase of how important the balance between style and function truly is.

Bathroon ZZ ArchitectsZZ Architects is known for its unique approach, to architecture and interior design, which is a bespoke and very intimate process of discovering each client’s personal style. Over the past few years, ZZ Architects has emerged as a leading full-service Luxury Architecture, Interior Design, and Décor firm based in Mumbai and has been working across the country. With a team of over 60 Architects and Interior Designers, the firm’s work encompasses projects across categories with work and clients spread all around leading cities in India and globally.

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Bold Bathroom Wall Maison ValentinaKeep your retreat-like bathroom fresh with a renewed modern look featuring the Koi Collection. The Koi Freestanding and the Koi Mirror both have a golden frame inspired by the koi fish scales that creates an interesting visual effect of meshwork against the marble wall.

Gold Doorpulls In Black Bathroom PullcastThe golden tones of the Kano door hardware contrast beautifully with the darker bathroom furnishings. Brought to life through the combination of lush crystals and high-quality gold plated brass, the Babel II suspension lamp is the perfect fixture for bathrooms. Its shape allows the creation of exquisite lighting installations through the combination of multiple suspensions.

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Bathroom Design By Mario BrudnizkisMartin Brudnizki’s love for design started at a young age. His mother was a stylist and his father was a mechanical engineer; the combination of these elements embedded a deep understanding of aesthetics, alongside a grounding in functionality. Martin Brudnizki Design Studio is an internationally acclaimed interior architecture and design studio in London and New York.

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