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Pizingers Morix | Exclusive Interview

Pizingers Morix is an interior design and architecture firm, based in Prague, Czech Republic.  The company was created by the couple Jaromír Pizinger and Naďa Pizinger. Together they make the perfect team! They are inspired by outstanding architectural works from around the world and combine contrasts, colors, and the personality of their clients in their projects. Best Interior Designers had the opportunity to talk with Naďa Pizinger to get to know about their career and future in the interior design industry.


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Pizingers Morix


Beige sofas Pizingers Morix Design




Pizingers Morix Design


How did you get involved in the interior design Industry?

Me and my husband Jaromír Pizinger we are a creative team now, started to work together when I was in my second year of studies at the technical university in Prague, the faculty of architecture. My husband studied at DOMUS academy in Milano, he was an emigrant during communism in the Czech republic. When he came back to the Czech Republic a few years after the revolution, he found out atelier, which was interested mainly in theaters and cultural buildings after the year 2000. After the time came more individual projects and interiors, which started to be a majority of our work in some way. To work as an interior designer/architect determines you in some way, you start to think differently about problems, about design, probably in a more detailed way… Till now, we work in a very wide range of architecture, we have smaller and bigger projects, but our philosophy remained the same, pay the most attention to the detail.


Pizingers Morix Design



How would you describe your work style? Do you have any kind of signatures that help to identify your projects?

Let’s say, there are some specific signs, though our friends and clients say that. However we are working on projects which are so different, there can be seen some kind of work with colours or accents, which can identify our projects. We also love to use contrasts in our works, which can be also one of our marks.




Being in love with our work is always the key to achieving better results. Are you in love with this job? What do you love most about being an interior designer?

We are definitely in love with our work, we love also to share it in our partnership,  which we have, it is really a gift for us. It is possible, that a lot of people can not imagine living and working together all the time, to share everything with their partner….. but believe us, that we can not imagine that in a different way. We are many years together but we have spent only a few days alone. We are 24/7 together, sharing our dreams and also problems.

What do we love about our work the most? We love that we can a little bit help to create more beautiful places, that we can offer our clients to see our visions through our work.


House by Pizingers Morix Design


What is your philosophy on design and life?

Design surrounds us during our whole life, though we do not realize that. It influences our moods, our emotions, our lives. Lucky are the ones, which are able to realize that, to perceive its power.






Pizingers Morix Design


Keeping up to date on all the trends is essential for anyone who wants to conquer this market. In what ways do you keep current with new trends?

We spend a lot of our private time watching on the internet, on social networks, magazines…. perceiving all the emotions and visual perceptions, which that can give you.  We also love to travel and discover new feelings, new visuals during our traveling…. We loved to travel in South America, which is a continent full of colors, senses, new visual forms, and for us full of inspiration.


Maya Armchair Upholstery BRABBU


Which major international events do you attend/follow to get the latest novelties?

 We really do not follow any of the events, we love to “feed” ourselves very freely, we love to search for new moments, new initiatives,  which can influence or move us forward.


Pizingers Morix Design


How would you describe your personal decorating style?

 Like we said before, we love contrasts, we love to combine styles, we somehow enjoy violating styles in the best sense of the word.


Pizingers Morix Design


All artists need some inspiration to work, and interior designers are artists too. So, what or who really inspires you?

Naďa: my bottomless inspiration, which still did not end, is ethnical art and ethnical culture, its conception of colors and structures, shapes and compositions, proportions.

Jaromir: it is a big question for me of all my life….


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Inspiration is something that pushes everyone to create unique things. What makes you see the world in a different way?

 Watching the world in detail, trying to understand compositions, which arose naturally, either in nature, in the desert, in woods, mountains or in historical villages, historical cities by people, who had no architectural education… this is one the most interesting moments, which moves us, which amaze us.


Pizingers Morix Design


If you had to pick one project around the world that you wish was made by you, which one would it be?

Naďa: One of the houses of Richard Neutra

Jaromír: The city Brasilia by Oscar Niemeyer




Pizingers Morix Design


How important is a perfect chemistry between you and your clients to achieve the best results?

Not many things are more important than exactly this. To say it in a different way, we are not able to work for a client, when this does not come, the result will not be good enough for him, for us.  We start most of our projects by trying to understand our client’s emotions, their needs, their style of thinking about the spaces, which surround them, their living style. Only if the architect knows deeply his client’s needs, his emotions,  he can bring something special to the project.


Pizingers Morix Design


Choosing the best pieces to compose a project can be the secret to getting the best overall result. Although it seems easy, this is a delicate task and needs full attention on time to execute. Do you have some tips for those who do not know well how to start a challenge like this?

Our tip is probably the method of trials and error-  don’t be scared about your private design… to observe each option which you can create, to observe, what about it you love or what is the reason, which disturbs you in any way.


BID rooms inspiration


Do you think working with teams in interior design is better or worse than working alone? Why?

Definitely working in a team is the best way of creating, which we know. We are even not able to work alone, every time there is a point when you need an opposition of a person which you respect, a different point of view, which can lead to a better way or not, but harder you can be lost in a one way.




Pizingers Morix Design


Is there anything exciting that you are working on at the moment that you can tell us about?

 We are really excited about our current work on a winery in the east of the Czech Republic, it is a project, which inspires us.

 There is also another project, a chalet in mountains, which we are proud of because we have a special client who appreciates of us new forms of approach to mountain architecture, we could search for new forms for the modern mountain house, which we now really love. It will be probably built the next year.


Pizingers Morix Design


What has been your greatest accomplishment as a designer? What goals do you have for the future?

For us it is every time when the projects become real, when our ideas and our initial proposals are finished after the building process, Every complication, every problem from the long process are gone and we feel great happiness and satisfaction, which feeds us. that is the reason,  why we do this job, why we love it.


Pizingers Morix Design


Do you have a favorite project or a favorite story about one of your projects?

Last year we have finished a brewery for Staropramen, which is named Fortel, situated in the center of Prague in Smichov. We were asked to design a new concept for the young generation, which should be the main client of this brewery house. We really loved to work on these projects because there was a lot of creativity which we should bring to the project, we had a lot of freedom. Our client really appreciated every crazy idea, which came to our mind about how to do it different… it was a lot of fun for us, all the process of preparations, finalizations…. and till now we are faithful clients of this project.


Pizingers Morix Design


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