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Palazzo Morelli | Discover Bespoke Interiors From Italy

The Italian finishing company Palazzo Morelli specializes in surfaces, furniture, and interior design. Palazzo Morelli, which was established by Alessandro Ortenzi in 2006 in the medieval Italian town of Todi, represents the highest quality, meticulous attention to detail, and cutting-edge professional services for architects, interior designers, and real estate developers.

Palazzo Morelli | Discover Bespoke Interiors From Italy

Known for their mastery of material, highly advanced production technologies, craftsmanship rooted in our country’s centuries-old artisanal traditions, excellence in designing and executing every component of residential, hotel, and commercial interiors, and their sophisticated taste, Palazzo Morelli is an exciting Italian company in the family of Umbrian businesses.

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Palazzo Morelli aspires to be a singular partner to carry out extremely complicated projects using cutting-edge Made in Italy products and customized project management services. a wealth of resources, methods, expertise, and global experience to interpret the distinctive features of each project. Each project is distinctive because Palazzo Morelli uses a wide variety of materials and finishes, is a master at project design, and pays special attention to both the functional and aesthetic elements.

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Modern, worldwide company Palazzo Morelli provides turnkey solutions and a comprehensive selection of Italian-made surfaces. A customized approach to consumers, including customised solutions, made-to-order surfaces, and finished products, motivates the workforce. Palazzo Morelli works diligently to create inspiring and wonderful places to live, work, and travel throughout the world.

Palazzo Morelli Philosophy

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Each project is only started by Palazzo Morelli after a full knowledge of the client’s objectives and wishes, and a proposal is made after a significant amount of research. This gives Palazzo Morelli more options for modifying its current product lines or developing unique solutions.
These could be made of the finest leather, onyx, bronze, stainless steel, or combinations of those materials in creative and exquisite ways.

Palazzo Morelli Projects

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Palazzo Morelli provides design services that enable customers to choose among a wide range of design alternatives and products with professional guidance and knowledge. Palazzo Morelli is able to deliver fully integrated residential and commercial interiors of the highest quality, on-budget, and on-time thanks to early and sustained collaboration with clients and their architects and close cooperation with design staff of builders and real estate developers of luxury properties.

European (Italy, United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, France, Monaco, Latvia, Russia), Asian (China, India), and Middle Eastern projects by Palazzo Morelli have previously been developed (Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi).




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