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MorrisCo Design The Masters of Australian Design

Meet MorrisCo Design, an Australian-based interior design company that is able to establish the most incredible settings on retail spaces, restaurants, bars, cafés and workplaces. Embracing these projects, they offer more than fabulous spaces, but also and most importantly, the creation of stylish and bespoke experience through decor furnishings. Alexandra Morris is the founder and director of this emerging studio, along with her team of expert designers.


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MorrisCo Design


Located in Neutral Bay, and near North Sydney, Australia, you can find a promising and extremely talented design firm, MorrisCo Design. They specialize in “creating luxury and bespoke experiences for our clients across a diverse portfolio”. With their diverse portfolio, they’re able to present exquisite and several options to their clients. They like to think as themselves as a company that takes a lot of pride “in taking the time to listen and gain deep insights from our clients and turn these insights into spaces that people want to be in. At MorrisCo. Design we are fortunate to have many clients come back to us to work on new projects”. Through their work method, they’re able to capture the clients, and give them the need to come back to work with them.


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MorrisCo Design


They are able to display these amazing settings due to their ethos, that being an interior designer is a privilege. “Whether it is a retail, commercial, hospitality or residential project, interior designers have the ability to make the everyday for end users a better experience. It is a joy to see a project come to fruition and exceed client expectations, which is achieved with our finely-tuned skills of eliciting the needs and desires from a client and understanding functionality of space. MorrisCo. Design possess a deep understanding of the usability and aesthetics of finishes and are masterful with colour selections intertwined with the ability to create exact plans for construction”. With that privilege, they perfectly understand the client’s taste and personality, so they reflect it in the most luxurious way possible. 


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MorrisCo Design


During their professional career, this design studio has faced many ups and downs, especially when a partnership with their firm ends, as they explained in this interview. “In this instance it was the severing of a business partnership, albeit an amicable separation for Morris Selvatico. The transition from a partnership to running the helm solo and changing to MorrisCo. Design was a time of growth as a business leader. With the support of loyal clientele and having highly-skilled staff, MorrisCo. Design is flourishing and we continue to push boundaries and take pleasure in realising projects across a diverse portfolio”. Despite some difficulties, they keep on growing and embracing the most magnificent projects.


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As a prestigious design company, their goal is to grow more each day and participate in new challenges, so they’re never satisfied, due to their healthy ambition of creating perfection in each of their projects. “Life is continuously evolving, and I grow and accept new challenges on the way. I am proud of my achievements both professionally and personally, however as an interested person the goal posts will always move and I will continue to learn, improve and challenge myself”. Throughout their career, they intend to learn and apply their learning skills into the development of the design projects. Through that insight they have also stated that they don’t share a particular style but yet “maintain that quality design should appear to be effortless. As the quote by Joe Sparano goes “Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent”. 


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With a specific and bespoke client relationship, they are focused on exploring that relationship, expanding to many offline and online channels that will help them to approach the clients in the best way. “MorrisCo. Design produce a bi-monthly newsletter highlighting our projects and achievements. We also provide analysis of various aspects of interior design through our blog which can be accessed on our website. We have organically grown a loyal following by embracing social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn”. And with that, they capture a large spectrum of clients, with a different set of tastes and personality, which is something that they’re specifically looking for. “MorrisCo. Design is fortunate to have a vast array of clients and portfolios. We have been able to and continue to realise projects across the spectrum of restaurants, bars, cafes, retail, work and educational spaces, medical and health practices, gymnasiums and residential”. 


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MorrisCo Design


Despite a large number of commercial projects, they have designed many private residences with many inspirations, based on many design icons. “The designers that I admire, and follow are usually smaller local firms like Carol Whiting and Arent & Pyke that both reside in Australia. Carol Whiting’s sensitivity to materials and the ability to restrain from over-complicating design is something I have great respect for.  I love Arent & Pyke for their skilful use of colour and pattern; their ability to mix patterns and colours is first class! If I had to choose a real design “icon” then it would probably be Ilse Crawford – a true virtuoso of design”. With those inspirations, they observe many trends such as “rich colours, textures and materials that evoke a sense of luxury”. In order to display the most amazing settings, they aim to perfectly balance comfort, functionality and sophistication. 


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At the moment, they are involved in many projects, which is something to look forward in the future of the interior design world. “We are always working on new projects. Because we work mainly on retail and hospitality projects the timing is very fast-paced. We are working on a new Mediterranean eatery for Brisbane Airport, a student educational institute in Sydney’s CBD as well as two houses in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Our design inspiration is so different for each project. We always focus on the product, brand and customer when we are designing retail and hospitality spaces. At the essence of all our design is a strong connection to simple contemporary design with the use of honest materials that depict the emotion we are trying to convey”. In each project, they aim to please the client to the fullest, being able of having an exclusive and personalized relationship with the client.


MorrisCo Design The Masters of Australian Design morrisco design MorrisCo Design The Masters of Australian Design morrisco 3
MorrisCo Design


When it comes to the design development, they believe that in Australia, it prevails the work of “Flack Studio, Carol Whiting and Biasol, from Melbourne”. In the future, they believe that sustainable design is the way to go, along with the development of technology. “There will be a continued focus on sustainable design that can be integrated with the ever-increasing technology aspect of the world we live in. Paradoxically, there will be an increasing need for people to feel that they can disconnect and recharge in their given environments and as such interior design will play an integral role in addressing this need”.


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