pink terracota armchairs dining room
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Top 10 Modern Dining Room Inspirations

Top 10 Modern Dining Room Inspirations | The dining room is the perfect ambiance to share good and tasty moments with family and friends. Saying that it is very important to take a good look at the interior design of the dining rooms, as the hours are spent there and also the main holidays. A beautiful environment, for sure, is another dose of joy in the celebrations. Therefore, Best Interior Designers has selected the Top 10 Modern Dining Room Inspirations to make your dining room even more pleasant.


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A striking dining area with a pop of color. The unique chandelier perfectly matches with these yellow velvet chairs, elevating the entire space.


Yellow chairs four chair table chic and luxury


Modern Classic dining room in black and white with an area rug that covers the whole dining table as well as the lamp. The rug creates a nice contrast with the dark dining table and matches well with the colors of the chairs and the lamp.


Dining room modern and bright


Modern classic dining room design with the synthetic leather upholstered dining chair Nº20, the KOI Round Dining Table, and the brass suspension light NAICCA.


4 chair contemporary dining room


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The Saboteur Dining Chair by LUXXU is here to bring that old noir movie scene vibe into any modern dining space. With its leather back and velvet seat, this is an extremely comfortable option for a space where you’ll be sharing meals and great times with family and friends.




How elegant and gorgeous! This dining room is absolutely perfect, with just the right amount of color in the dining chairs and extremely luxurious lighting. The floral arrangements add a touch that is also elegant and more personal.


parisian dining room velvet chairs


This amazing dining room emphasizes casual elegance and unmistakable refinement. Just observe the waterfall rectangular suspension, everything sparkles under this elegant work of art.


long table dining room fancy and luxury


If you want to make your neutral design stand out, add a piece with a color that brings the whole space to life, like these dining chairs. Sometimes all you need is a velvet touch in your interior.


pink terracota armchairs dining room


A modern and contemporary dining room with a black dining table combined with the dazzling salmon-colored armchair.


salmon color chairs dining room


David Collins Studio is an interior design firm established in London and we absolutely love these inspirations from them! These colorful chairs are absolutely amazing in these dining rooms.  The marble table and purple armchairs are a must!


purple dining chair


White and green are colours that combine beautifully, what do you think about it? We adore this dining room!


green dining chair


What about these pink chairs? It’s definitely a fun and elegant way to set up your dining room.


pink dining chairs


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