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Modern Designs With Fine Details | Sara Folch

Modern Designs With Fine Details | Sara Folch  – Over 25 years have passed since Sara Folch Interior Design first opened its doors. Sara Folch, one of Barcelona’s most well-known interior designers, has designed hundreds of projects throughout this time through her interior design business in Barcelona.

Sara Folch’s Incredible Works And Vision

Agora Penthouse

The staff of the Barcelona architecture office has received accolades from both previous and current clients. These clients were happy with the interior design work completed by Sara Folch Interior Design.

Cameroon Penthouse

Because the interior design Barcelona studio works in accordance with the needs of the clients, each interior design project is unique to that customer. From apartment design to urban building design, we have you covered. Sara Folch Interior Design’s team has created unique designs to meet the needs of each client.

Villa In Paris

Each project represents a new opportunity to innovate, combine, and create one-of-a-kind and personalized spaces that take into account every detail. Every client is unique, as is every order that comes in.

What Do You Think Of Sara Folch’s Designs So Far?

Tartar Boat

By adjusting to each client’s needs, Sara Folch Interior Design Barcelona has effectively carried out and finished a variety of projects. From designing an opulent restaurant for Hotel Arts in Barcelona to enlarging and renovating a dilapidated 1,000 m2 chalet to building a contemporary home in the middle of Paris and building a more than 15,000 m2 corporate complex.

Cottage House

This interior design firm in Barcelona has also worked with La Suite Subastas and created the DIR UP & Down and DIR Yoga One, as well as interior design for Sandra Garca-Starlite Sanjuán’s 2018 Gala in Marbella.

Passatge Sert’s Loft


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