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Minimalist Duplex In Partnership with Ashley Gadeova

The new Caffe Latte and Covet House project is a stylish and modern living area that embraces simplicity and clean lines. Designed by Ashley Gadeova, it features a sleek and uncluttered design, focusing on functionality and maximizing space. The interior of this minimalist duplex utilizes a neutral color palette, such as whitesgrays, and earth tones, to create a serene atmosphere, in which the walls are adorned with smooth artwork to maintain a sense of openness.





Concerning furniture, the focus is on quality rather than quantity, with carefully selected pieces that serve multiple purposes. Siphon Modular Sofa, by Caffe Latte, is the gravitational point of the whole house atmosphere. Thanks to its curvilinear and clean shape, it is also the main statement piece of comfort and well-being.



Siphon Modular Sofa





Supporting the sofa, it stands out the adaptability of Robusta Center and Cutty Side Tables, also from Caffe Latte, in addition to several mid-century and retro inspirations of Essential Home, such as Ellen Armchair, Beverley Side Table, Minelli Bench or Philip Side Table, which add a chic and elegant touch to the open space. The cozy and minimal style prevails on the lighting issue thanks to Marble Small Table Lamp, designed by Masquespacio for Covet Collection, or Herbie Floor Lamp, from Delightfull.



Robusta Center Table





The dining area provides a neutral and effective combination of styles, which focus on beige, clear lines, and wood finishes. With a mid-century modern appeal, the Ezra Dining Table by Essential Home and Panna Dining Chair from Caffe Latte combines vintage and contemporary spirit, which extends to a small reading corner, whereas the Minelli Bookcase by Essential Home can also serve as a cupboard or even on the kitchen island, where Freddo Bar Chair, from Caffe Latte, is an authentic statement of modernity and coziness.



Panna Dining Chair


Freddo Bar Chair





Before ascending to the upper area, where natural light is favored, with large windows and open plants to create a perfect connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, there is a small and bright foyer with Boma Sideboard, a clever storage solution by Caffe Latte, and Coltrane Wall Lamp, from Delightfull, giving the final touch of beauty and peace of mind.



Boma Sideboard



This new sophisticated and warm living space, designed by Ashley Gadeova for Caffe Latte and Covet House, brings the best of simplicity and functionality with a sense of calm. What do you think about this minimalist duplex?




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