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Mid Century Lighting Pieces | Mid Century Design

Mid Century Lighting Pieces are here! New mid-century lighting pieces are making a comeback in interior design. The mid-century modern style emerged in the 1950s and 60s, characterized by clean lines, simple shapes, and organic forms. Today, contemporary designers are incorporating these elements into their lighting designs, creating sleek and minimalist fixtures that add a touch of retro-chic to modern interiors. From pendant lamps to wall lamps, these new mid-century lighting pieces are often made from materials such as brass, glass, and wood, and feature geometric shapes and bold colors. They are perfect for those looking to add a touch of mid-century elegance to their homes or design projects.

DelightFULL, Essential Home, and Mid-century Club are a group of mid-century inspired furniture and lighting brands that encapsule the best of luxury and modern design. We believe you’ll find everything you’re looking for in the wide selection of design pieces of these three brands. Each of them has its own personality, twist, color palette, and stunning crafstmandship, however with one thing in common: their love for design.



The new Iggy Floor Lamp will brighten up your home— and look good doing it! This piece offers a modern take on the timeless classic that are arc lamps. From its marble base, the exaggerated arc, and the gradient on its overlaying diffusers, it’s sure to make an impact on any project.



Inspired by the incredible jazz musician Benny Goodman, this elegant suspension lamp will light up any design project or room. A memorable piece, it features golden finishes and black matte in a modern and classic twist that make this lamp so special and unique. This luxurious lamp with fashionable round shapes will be a statement piece for any modern home decor.



With sculptural shapes and an extremely balanced design, this modern round suspension lamp gets even more beautiful when you see the light being cast through its shades. These elements have a unique curved shape and are handmade in brass, creating a unique lighting effect. The round suspension lamp has a unique appeal that won’t go unnoticed.



The Krown light is a reaction to the chandelier form. It is about sensualizing the glass-removing, the antiquated facets and stereotypes from the history of lighting, still retaining its beauty. It has a geometric design of combined sculptural shades and its structure is handmade in brass. This chandelier shines even when it is switched off, but it gets more beautiful when you see the light being cast through the shades. The curved lighting design will show that it’s no secret the right fixture can change a room immediately. Feel the true statement of luxury with this modern ceiling lamp.



Kapsule is so sculptural, yet so functional at the same time. It is these kinds of emotional objects that become timeless and precious. This large suspension lamp boasts a futuristic and feminine vibe, making it the right choice for any luxurious interior design project. The brass strips are shaped and assembled by hand by some of the most skilled artisans. Achieving a magazine-worthy yet livable ambiance is all about casting the right light. A true example of high-quality craftsmanship, this modern suspension lamp will definitely elevate your home décor or hospitality design project.



The Mirage suspension lamps majestic industrial look and minimalist design make it timeless and suitable for any space. Entirely made out of brass with an opaque black lacquered cover, the inside of the Mirage suspension lamp was covered with gold paint to provide a sense of warm light. Draga & Aurel have always been fascinated by the retro-futuristic experimentation of Space Age design and fashion, which was clearly an inspiration for the Mirage lamp family.



Draga & Aurel have always been fascinated by the retro-futuristic experimentation of Space Age design and fashion and wanted to transmit that idea through the bespoke Mirage Wall lamp. Its silhouette and the composition of the material, with the contrast of black lacquered metals and shining brass, remind us of the extravagant outfits of the club revelers of that incredible time. Mirage’s minimalistic industrial look is what makes it so versatile and mysterious.



The mid-century Mirage table lamp is a modern lighting fixture that embodies the glamorous modern principles of minimalism. Handmade in brass with an opaque black lacquer, this luxurious lighting design captures the retro-futuristic vision of Space Age design that Draga & Aurel wanted to transmit with the lighting family. It can easily serve as a statement piece for your living room, office bedroom, and even entryway.



The mysterious yet minimalist look of the Mirage floor lamp makes you experience the luxurious side of the mid-century modern style. The lamp’s silhouette and the composition of the material, with the contrast of black lacquered metals and shining brass, remind us of the extravagant outfits of the club revelers of that incredible time. Turn your project memorable with the Mirage’s cool refined look.



This mushroom-style table lamp will always rank highly as a top choice for modern lighting. It boasts a stunning brass shade with a dazzling lighting effect that will emphasize volumes and shapes, creating contrast and depth. A mushroom-style table lamp doesn’t take up much room. This decorative accent provides a very specific solution for spaces where we need extra light, but don’t want to hardwire a sconce or pendant lamp. As an ideal choice for your home office, mushroom lamps also make a more charming alternative to utilitarian desk lamps. The modern, mid-century modern, and contemporary mushroom-style lamps we can’t help but covet.



Glass is Karim’s favorite material because it has endless opportunities for creativity and the achievement of new forms. The Katia lighting collection is like a constellation of infinite possibilities, whether it is singular or clustered in the living room, dining room, or bedroom. This mushroom-style pendant lamp has a brass curved shade and a cylindrical body, evoking an upscale 70s feel. A pendant lamp was first made available in 2021, however, it could easily be mistaken for a vintage find from a European flea market. This mid-century modern lamp is more oblong than other mushroom-style lamp, due to its unique silhouette we likely won’t come across often.



Disko is so evocative and rapturous piece that defies gravity by creating an equilibrium of floating elements, providing impact and personality to any space. This unique rainbow-style lamp will burst your heart with joy and hope. Marquee lamps are the epitome of a vintage industrial style look and every bar has them, every fun spot has them. Now, your design project is about to have it too! An eye-catching touch to a big, bold, and bright marquee lamp. A unique way of bringing a colorful and cheerful glimpse to any space. It has a large anti-reflective acrylic panel to protect the neon light and it is the right fixture for a fun hotel lobby!



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