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Make a Killer First Impression With These Hallway Ideas

Hallway Ideas

The hall and the entryway are spaces that deserve some attention, but, sometimes they are a little forgotten. So, today, Best Interior Designers will give you 12 trend interior design ideas that will change the way that you see your hall or entryway, and help to give them an incredible and luxurious style.

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Make a Killer First Impression With These Hallway Ideas

modern and luxurious hall, with the strong presence of the diamond amethyst sideboard. The Diamond Amethyst Sideboard from Boca do Lobo uses the Leaf Gilding, a decorative technique in which master artisans apply a very thin coating of metal, usually gold, to solid surfaces. gold leaves are created from gold that is hammered into thin sheets by gold beating, then they will be used for leaf gilding.

Make a Killer First Impression With These Hallway Ideas

Inspired by the Portuguese Azulejo, the Heritage Sideboard from Boca do Lobo is a really elegant choice for a luxurious hall. Azulejo, the Portuguese term for hand-painted tiles, is a clay or ceramic plate piece, generally with a square shape decorated with glazed colorful designs. The paintwork is done with water-based paint, a powder that is mixed with water to work the density.

Covet House Boca do Lobo Brabbu Luxxu Essential Home Delightfull Caffe Latte Covet Lighting Rug Society Maison Valentina Circu Pullcast Covet Collection Homesociety Mid-century Club


Make a Killer First Impression With These Hallway Ideas

The Lumiere Round Mirror from Boca do Lobo is perfect for whoever wants a luxurious and gold mirror in a luxurious hallThis piece uses the process of metalwork starts by melting metal into a liquid, pouring it in a mold with a cavity of the desired shape and size, and removing the material, or casting after the final work gets cool and then solidified. Then it can be ejected or even broken out of the mold.

Make a Killer First Impression With These Hallway Ideas

modern and colorful style in a luxurious hall with the Pixel Cabinet from Boca do Lobo. Pixel is a contemporary cabinet, featuring a unique design with multi-colored hues, that will enhance your modern house.

Make a Killer First Impression With These Hallway Ideas

Shaped like a Philippine Canoe, our Kano Mid Door Pull from Pullcast portrays balance and structure just like the candle-nut tree that was used to make canoes float above water in this amazing entryway. An ode to old crafts, this Mid Size Door Pull is beautiful for contemporary designs.

Make a Killer First Impression With These Hallway Ideas

For any major metropolis, beauty is a precious backdrop even to appreciate things from afar. Skylines, from Pullcast, are the city’s profile, an iconic symbol, and just like our door pull, create a silhouette when set in this luxurious hall.

Make a Killer First Impression With These Hallway Ideas

Bryce from Brabbu is a giant natural amphitheater caused by erosion through the Paunsaugnt Plateau. In this luxurious hall, the Bryce II Console pays tribute to this plateau through its unique design in high gloss black lacquer and glossy gold leaf. It is a plus to any home entryway or even as a plus in the living room or dining room.

Dolmens are ancient stone monuments from the Neolithic period. These unique structures were the inspiration behind the Ardara Console Table from Brabbu, who is present in this luxurious hall. With a finish in black faux-marble painting glossy, this console table will give a unique twist to any interior design.

The snake is one of the oldest and most well-known mythological symbols, being present in different cultures with similar meanings. The snake is powerfully connected with the power of life and represents the transformation of our lives. Imperial Snake from Rug Society is the most luxurious of our snake-based rugs, with its cream colors in botanical silk framing an elaborate and trendy design.

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Óscar Rug from Rug Society is the Masculine representation of the classical canons of ancient Greece. A rug present in this luxurious hall with cubist language refers us to a half-hybrid figure because at that time the canons of the human body were represented in a universal way, the figures were worked roughly with some delicate features.

The Edith sideboard used in this luxurious hall is from Essential Home is a quite special piece from the mid-century brand’s collection. Its structure is made of solid wood, which provides more resistance, but it’s upholstered in a stunning soft velvet, standing out with a high-end look at the top, making use of grey textured marble. For a playful and fun look in your interior, Edith is the one you should pick.

Turner’s art deco table lamp was inspired by the electrifying and memorable dance moves of the iconic pop singer. The Turner Table from DelightFULL is a large table lamp handmade in brass and aluminum. The body has a gold plated finish, while the shade was lacquered with a black matte on the outside and gold powder paint on the inside. It looks amazing in this luxurious hall. 

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