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Maison Et Objet 2023 | We Bring The Best Of To You [Part II]

Maison Et Objet 2023 now here! For 27 years, SAFI, a division of Ateliers d’Art de France and RX France, has been interacting with and connecting the global design, home décor, and lifestyle communities through Maison&Objet. Its unique ability to generate connections and accelerate business, both during tradeshows and via its digital platform, but also its unique talent to highlight trends that will make the heart of the home decor planet beat. Maison&Objet’s mission is to reveal talent, spark connections and provide inspiration, both on- and off-line, thereby helping businesses grow.

Maison Et Objet 2023 | We Bring The Best Of To You

Mahehomeware [ Hall 4 — Stand G57]

They started their journey in 2014 by taking part in decoration events in Spain, buying furniture and décor in bulk, and working on interior design projects for real estate. Then they relocated for an extended period of time to Asia, where they established the hub of brand-new ventures and initiatives brimming with color, enthusiasm, and diversity. They combine contemporary, mid-century, Provencal, Nordic, and minimalist styles, among others, out of a passion of decoration and its adaptability, resulting in a collection of items from almost every continent.

VicalHome [ Hall 6 – Stand D92 – E91 ]

A tale that began in 1950 as a result of skill and knowledge and has continued to develop with each experience: from their early years, which were characterized by the crafts of wicker, wood, and basketry, to their elegant and current furniture collections. and ornamentation. Commitment, effort, and enthusiasm are the values that define the trajectory of the brand and the professionals that work for it as VICAL lives, develops, produces, and is reborn. Ingredients that nourish the roots of VICAL and fortify them so they can look ahead to a future filled with exciting new places to discover.

Popus Editions [ Hall 7 – A100 ]

Popus Editions was born from a tandem passionate about architecture, design and decoration, who have loved working with color, prints, materials and patterns since the beginning of a long history. Ambiances, in which they preferred to be able to discover true power and persistent thought, have consistently served as a conduit for their inspiration. They prioritized listening to everyone’s various lifestyles, coming up with innovative ideas, and making each space feel unique and alive by satisfying the needs of their clients when they established the interior design and decoration business in Megève.


Mambo Unlimited Ideas [ Hall 6 – Stand H15 ]

Their collection is a result of centuries-old Portuguese craft traditions. The precise and laborious work of lacquered metals, the careful shaping of solid woods, the patient carving of marbles, the sculpting of noble metals like brass and copper, the delicate work of glass, and the intricate and profuse techniques of upholstery, with rich tradition in Portugal, have all been perfected by Portuguese craftsmen with years of experience. Every single one of their items is painstakingly handmade by skilled artisans one at a time, in a production that strikes a balance between cutting-edge techniques and handcrafted details.

Eichholtz [ Hall 6 – Stand E16 – G15 ]

Theo Eichholtz founded his namesake company in 1992 with the intention of bringing the finest Asian furnishings and accessories to Europe. Along the way, he added carefully chosen vintage items to the selection before expanding the company in partnership with top producers and manufacturers around the globe to create and offer an unmatched selection of chic and sophisticated products for the interiors market.

Gervasoni 1882 [ Hall 7 — Stand G155 – H156 ]

Gervasoni was established in 1882, and Giovanni and Michele Gervasoni are the third generation to run the business. A family-run company like Gervasoni speaks of a world that is yet casual, classy, and modern. A style that is recognizable throughout the world was created as a result of the relentless pursuit of the creative potential offered by unique mixes of industrial materials, natural materials, and craft processes. This pursuit was fueled by the enthusiasm of more than 130 years of activity.



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