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Madrid Design Festival 2023 | International Fair From Spain

Madrid Design Festival 2023 will take place from 7 February until 9 April. The sixth edition will concentrate its efforts on recognizing the excellence and significance of designers’ work as well as on highlighting a field that is crucial to enhancing peoples’ daily lives.

Madrid Design Festival 2023 | International Fair From Spain

Many of the answers to the difficulties and unknowns that our society is currently dealing with can be found in design. All of these issues, including the climate emergency, resource depletion, energy efficiency, excessive consumption, habitability and mobility in large urban nuclei, rural depopulation, the disappearance of traditional artisan trades, and demographic shifts, can and should be addressed from a design perspective.

As a result, the concepts presented at the Madrid Design Festival in 2023 will capture the spirit and origin of the current era. In other words, it will highlight initiatives that advance the Festival’s overarching mission, which has been to rebuild the world. In order to achieve this, MDF23 will introduce fresh formats and environments that encourage interactions between designers, businesses, and audiences, with the ultimate goal of establishing a festival model where talent, creativity, and economic development are the cornerstones of its programming.


The Madrid Design Festival will host Seville in 2023. It is a city that is currently making significant design contributions through the work of studios and designers who are reimagining the cities of the future through an elegant fusion of its distinctive artisan legacy with top-tier contemporary design methodologies.

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Seville has historically produced some of the greatest painters. Additionally, the city and its inhabitants have inspired many works, and Seville is now a hub for well-known artists from throughout the world in a variety of artistic fields.

There will be a number of exhibitions in the Fernán Gómez Cultural Center, including the Madrid, ceramics of modernism. Ceramics and design from the middle of the 20th century that emphasize the crucial age of Madrid’s contemporary culture; or Slow. The American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC), which brings together the work of 17 students chosen from nine design schools in Spain, promotes slow design for quick change.

The OFF Festival, the centerpiece of the Madrid Design Festival, is hosted by the program. It features showrooms, shops, concept stores, craft studios, galleries, and creative spaces, unveiling a multidisciplinary proposal of activities for audiences of all ages. It is the ideal venue for showcasing goods, hosting exhibitions, announcing new features, or scheduling events to engage the public with design and be a part of a special network of places.



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