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50 Luxury Sideboards – Function And Style Combined In Maximum Elegance

A true home must be an embodiment of its owner’s style, taste, and personality. As a reflection of these very specific traits, luxury sideboards can easily transcend the function of furniture and become masterpieces that can transform living spaces into opulent sanctuaries. Best Interior Designers presents you with not one, not two, not even 10, but 50 luxury sideboards from premium brands and high-end designers, for you to find the one that will better fit your interior design needs. Which one will you choose?






Algerone Sideboard by LUXXU



Designed by LUXXU, the Algerone Sideboard blends opulent materials with practicality, featuring elegant smoked glass doors that will let you peek into its contents. With the commanding presence of Statuario marble and the lavish touch of polished brass accents, it’s a contemporary masterpiece ideal for elevating the style of dining rooms or hallways.


Symphony Sideboard by BOCA DO LOBO



BOCA DO LOBO‘s Symphony Sideboard is a remarkable piece, drawing inspiration from the majestic organ pipes of classic churches and meticulously handcrafted by a team of skilled artisans, including goldsmiths and wood carving experts. To match the tubular organ effect, this majestic piece features a robust wooden frame adorned with a tubular arrangement of either gold or nickel-plated brass tubes. This harmonious fusion of artistry adds rhythm and sophistication to any space! The Symphony is grounded by a sturdy black lacquered base, while its top is elegantly finished in opaque black glass. Inside, you’ll find a sleek ebony veneer interior with a central smoked glass shelf, marrying practicality with an accent piece that can gracefully command attention in even the most tranquil of spaces.


Latte Sideboard by CAFFE LATTE



Elevate your contemporary design with the Latte Sideboard: a statement piece exuding strength and charisma. Its sleek lines and confident demeanor make it the ideal addition to any modern space. This versatile and functional gem is adorned in a lustrous high-gloss cream finish, gracefully resting on dark bronze matte feet. The Latte Sideboard, by CAFFE LATTE, effortlessly infuses warmth and character into a minimalist design, creating an inviting ambiance and embracing the essence of hygge.


Vittorio Sideboard by ESSENTIAL HOME



The Vittorio Sideboard is a tribute to the legendary Vittorio Gassman. Its design, a masterpiece of sophistication, echoes the graceful curves found in nature’s most captivating creations. Picture the wooden body, gracefully adorned with H-shaped golden legs and handles. Every detail is meticulously crafted to reflect beauty. But there’s more to this sideboard than meets the eye: As you run your fingers across the ESSENTIAL HOME creation’s surface, you’ll discover the recessed marble top, a testament to the pursuit of luxury and refinement.



Oblong Sideboard by BOCA DO LOBO



The Oblong Sideboard seamlessly blends modern and timeless elements, resulting in an intricately detailed and exceptionally imaginative limited-edition furniture item. Tailored to serve as a bold focal point within modern living spaces, it sets new standards for luxurious interior decor. Painstakingly crafted by BOCA DO LOBO‘s most skilled artisans, this opulent sideboard emerges from innovative production techniques honed to create truly unique design masterpieces.


Kahn Sideboard by ESSENTIAL HOME



Prepare to welcome the commanding presence of Kahn, an ESSENTIAL HOME design, into your living or dining room, where dark sophistication reigns supreme. This extraordinary piece is the secret weapon of luxury interiors, and it’s ready to make a statement that’ll leave your guests in awe. It flaunts a stunning high-gloss varnish that dances atop its lacquered wood surface (black is also an option). Adorned with PullCast‘s Monocles Drawer Handles, meticulously arranged in perfect symmetry, this sideboard effortlessly blends durability, elegance, and opulence.





Crafted from premium materials like brass, marble, and velvet, the Antin Sideboard, by ESSENTIAL HOME, is a magnificent embodiment of mid-century design at its finest. This versatile piece is not confined to a single room; it effortlessly organizes and showcases your prized possessions in the dining room, living area, or even the bedroom. With its understated yet captivating presence, it sprinkles a hint of retro charm throughout any interior, making it a sought-after choice for those who crave both style and functionality.


Lapiaz by BOCA DO LOBO



The Lapiaz Sideboard represents a leap into a realm of extraordinary craftsmanship and design. Its organic characteristics are achieved through meticulous manual assembly of polished brass and a striking glossy black lacquer finish that radiates from the interior to the distinct exterior surfaces. Diverse door and drawer shapes are adorned with meticulously hammered gold accents, imparting a sense of sophistication and refinement to infuse a fresh contemporary vitality into upscale interiors. This luxurious sideboard derives its inspiration from genuine karst formations formed through the surface dissolution, freezing, or thawing of dolomite rocks, and illustrates the ability of the great minds behind BOCA DO LOBO to uncover beauty in the most unexpected of sources.



Anthony Sideboard by ESSENTIAL HOME



A mesmerizing fusion of retro charm and contemporary flair gives birth to a mid-century modern sideboard that’s nothing short of a style sensation? Meet the Anthony Sideboard, an incredible ESSENTIAL HOME creation. Crafted with a robust structure hewn from the finest solid walnut wood, this sideboard boasts exquisite detailing and stands regally upon a base that gleams with polished brass. Its very presence is a captivating story waiting to unfold, an inspiring piece that requires no formal introduction.


Diamond Emerald by BOCA DO LOBO



A true testament to timeless artistry, the Diamond Emerald Sideboard emerges as a precious gem, boasting avant-garde contours that push the boundaries of form. Drawing inspiration from the deconstructivist movement in postmodern architecture, this contemporary storage piece is meticulously crafted from wood, enveloped in silver leaf with a distinctive emerald translucence, and crowned with a high-gloss varnish. This extraordinary piece, conceptualized by BOCA DO LOBO, is gracefully supported by a sleek golden base, folding into an iconic design—a true embodiment of exclusivity and a coveted collectible in the world of high-end design.


Davis Sideboard by ESSENTIAL HOME



Prepare to be captivated by the Davis Sideboard by ESSENTIAL HOME: a harmonious blend of opulence and mid-century charm that’s poised to steal your heart. This stunning piece strikes a flawless equilibrium between contemporary elegance and the allure of the past. Crafted with precision, it features lustrous lacquered wood that exudes sophistication and polished brass accents that add a touch of luxury.



Diamond Pyrite Sideboard by BOCA DO LOBO



Drawing inspiration from the deconstructivist movement in postmodern architecture, the Diamond Pyrite Sideboard is crafted from polished stainless steel, boasting sharp, avant-garde lines that defy conventional forms, resulting in a truly unique silhouette. It features two brass-plated feet adorned with intricate cast brass details. The sideboard boasts two meticulously sculpted drawers and two doors, revealing an exquisite wood veneer interior with a clear glass shelf. This masterpiece from BOCA DO LOBO reflects the pinnacle of craftsmanship, fusing ancient artisanal skills with mechanical precision to epitomize exclusivity and become a coveted collectible in the world of high-end design.



Tenor Sideboard by LUXXU



The Tenor Sideboard is a striking and refined addition to any setting, boasting a sleek and sophisticated design that captures the spotlight. Its classic black lacquer finish and clean lines emanate poshness, complemented by a textured surface that infuses a timeless edge. This sideboard seamlessly blends ample storage capacity with a polished brass frame, striking a harmonious balance between functionality and opulence. Designed by LUXXU, it clearly stands as a true statement piece for those with a discerning appreciation for exquisite design.





For enthusiasts of all things retro and admirers of the mid-century era, the Monocles II Sideboard is the epitome of perfection. It exudes an irresistible charm and opulence that seem plucked from the pages of a Bond movie, making it a truly exceptional addition to your living space. This MID-CENTURY CLUB take is a bold statement piece that will elevate your decor to new heights of sophistication and allure.



What do you think about these luxury sideboards?


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