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Luxury Houses: World’s Design Projects

Luxury Houses

Luxury Houses is the new book of Inspiration Design Books. Here you will find the most exclusive lavish interiors to get you inspired to express yourself and create unique designs. Join Best Interior Designers and discover everything!

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Luxury Houses: World's Design Projects

When we think of luxury we think of exclusivity and lavish features, with custom-designed details and unique pieces. Lately, a house has become more and more the extension of one’s personality. It’s how we express ourselves, and how we want to welcome our family and close friends. And even though the definition of luxury and dream house can change according to one’s idea of uniqueness and style. Everything is still taken into consideration when creating a space, from the floors to the walls to the faucets in your bathroom, everything counts when we want to show who we are through our design.

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Luxury Houses: World's Design Projects

Welcome to the Contemporary Modern Penthouse, a 295sqm Penthouse in Monaco. An 8 room luxury house focusing on functionality and with a contemporary modern design in neutral tones to create an effortlessly chic look. A family-friendly aesthetic with a cozy appeal, blending perfectly comfort with design, with subtle furniture, upholstery, lighting, and accessories pieces granting an exciting design without being too overpowering.

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Luxury Houses: World's Design Projects

Welcome to the Modern Classic Villa in Saint Petersburg featuring unique bespoke interiors by Covet House. The 8.5 Million, 500 m2 mansion presents elegant bespoke interiors with a modern classic touch, and a perfect balance between statement handcrafted pieces and more neutral, functional elements.

Luxury Houses: World's Design Projects

A multimillion-dollar penthouse that reflects the owner’s love for collectable design and the client’s needs to have a functional space for work and to be inspired at the same time. From gold surfaces that express luxury, to carefully hand-painted tiles preserving history, and the final touches of marble, one of the noblest materials to ever grace our world, every detail is carefully thought out.

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Luxury Houses: World's Design Projects

This new LUXXU House is a union between the essence and the structure and a combination between the context and the final vision of the perfect space. By blending interiors and exteriors with the Xisto walls and maintaining a harmonic ambiance with the most exclusive pieces in Luxxu’s collections, this modern mountain paradise combines a rustic feel with an elevated luxury design.


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