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A Luxury Chalet Design In The Montreaux Mountains

The architecture of our luxury chalet fully embraces the modern style. It maintains a few features known to rural and traditional chalets, especially with stone and wooden-related details yet it mainly presents a more current approach with modernized gabled roofs and an extensive outdoor space replete with luxurious particularities. This is where luxury and landscape cross paths.






We start with a marbled path to the hallway where one can find the signature Empire chandelier, a grand architectural piece with a vigorous shape in brass and crystal glass. At the end of the hallway, the Crown mirror becomes almost like a piece of art in smoked glass while the innovative Empire console highlights a new feature of the iconic collection: a robust marble column. The Waterfall II big wall lamps light up this area.


Living Room



Suspended in a vaulted ceiling, the Gala chandelier steals the show with its period-styled aesthetic. The stately candelabra-like piece offers smooth lighting to this open-plan living room nestled in a haven of modernity and neutral glamour. The L-shaped modular Thomson sofas allow for plenty of comfort and customizable options. Furthermore, the rounded Otto XL armchairs in leather and velvet provide extra style. The Empire Set I center table rests midway in royal fashion. For additional details, we introduced the Empire side tables and Algerone console to the mixture, resulting in a versatile decor.



Dining Room



From the wall of vintage wines to sweeping mountain views, the dining room is a world-class phenomenon of luxury. The Algerone rectangular dining table lays the decor foundation, setting a regal tone. It showcases geometric precision and a classic nature embellished in Statuario marble. We also introduced the Algerone dining chairs, including a new version Algerone II – to match the table’s imposing disposition, adding extra comfort and modernity. Lastly, the Gala pendant makes an intimate lighting statement, enlightening the area through its eye-catching crystal glass tubes. Bronze was chosen as the pendants’ finish to complement the room’s wooden features. The dining room leads access to an extensive yet narrow balcony for one to embrace the surrounding beauty.





When decorating one of the bedrooms, we opted for a more intimate approach to match the chalet lifestyle. The bedroom combines traditional elements seen in this type of housing while adding modern features through extravagant designs. Take, for instance, the Château bed that presents a massive upholstered headboard, bringing a sense of exclusivity to the room. The Liberty small pendants and the Waterfall II big wall lamp offer light in crystal beauty. Then, the Empire collection makes a strong statement with its iconic lines reflected in products like the metallic side tables and a stylish ottoman. The asymmetrical Echo rug matches the coziness of the throw-over blanket and extends the dramatic flair of the overall decor. The Charla sofa rounds up this section of the room adding boundless elegance to this winter wonderland. The master suite is fitted with a nature-inspired bathroom and a vanity area showcasing the Empire dressing table and the Shard floor lamp, classic and modern pieces characterized by their distinctive forms.






The indoors feature an ultra-modern spa retreat that comprises most of the chalet’s first floor. It combines a sauna, jacuzzi, and a generous swimming pool area. This vast space becomes quite versatile in style due to the use of numerous materials from stone walls to crystal-clear glass windows, veined marble panels, and even partial wooden ceilings. The Hampton grey sunloungers and armchairs guarantee a good relaxation session courtesy of their deluxe composition. The Skyline big wall lamps offer extra detail and smooth lighting through their alabaster frame.





Surrounded by towering evergreen trees and snowcapped peaks, the chalet’s exterior seamlessly blends with its breathtaking alpine surroundings. The Galea Grey Sofa and Galea Grey Armchairs are the plush seating designs this terrace always asked for, complemented by the elegant lines of the Magna Outdoor Floor Lamp. A fire pit, surrounded by comfortable seating, becomes the focal point for evening gatherings under the starlit sky. There’s also an alfresco dining area where the crisp mountain air enhances every culinary experience. The striking appeal of the Nebo Floor Lamp meets the timelessness of the Vertigo Grey Dining Table and the comfort of the Galea Grey Dining Chair.



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