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Luxury Center Tables for Upscale Living Spaces

When it comes to interior design, the heart of every living space lies in its center, where style meets functionality in the form of luxury center tables. A luxury center table is not just a piece of furniture; it’s an exquisite work of art that can transform any room into an opulent oasis. Covet House brings you luxury center tables that remain a timeless addition to upscale living spaces. All of them have incredible discounts for a limited time.






Antigua Center Table has circular shapes and its round design was inspired by the mountains surrounding the Guatemalan coffee plantation in Antigua City. The height of the mountains reaching the skies and emerging from the plains where some of the world’s best coffee beans are grown inspired the setting of the modular pieces for this item. With a walnut circular body and a Carrara marble top, this center table besides presenting a versatile decoration assemble has also a fine inox dark bronze strip that provides it with a modern appeal.





Monet Center Table features both contrasting shapes and materials, as the unconventional compositions of the artist, the contemporary coffee table is supported by a geometric acrylic base, allowing it to capture natural light. Depicting nature in an innovative way, the Water Lillies series are gently brought to life on an elegant coffee table with a gold surface made from cast brass with a unique textured finish. An immersive exceptional object, the Monet center table is perfect for cutting-edge living rooms.






Philip Long Center Table takes Ezra’s challenging concepts of design and interprets them in an all-new and natural way. The structure of this magnificent center table is geometrical and entirely made out of wood and travertine stone. The soft, organic shapes of the legs support the round travertine top, highlighting the natural beauty of the high-quality materials. This piece is a combination of top design and bespoke craftsmanship.






Konstantin is a low-center table produced with a distinctive brown smoked glass top and a brass trim. It features an elaborated central structure made of tubes, some finished in glossy white, others with a mix of polished brass.




Lapiaz Oval



Lapiaz Oval Center Table has polished brass details and mirrored sides attributing this luxury design artwork an artic yet comfy and warm beauty. Definitely a statement piece for the most luxurious interior designs.





Eden Center Table is inspired by the mystic. This center table represents a part of the tree of knowledge and the tale of the birth of desire. Fully made of polished casted brass, with a delicately engraved top exposing the heart of a golden tree to the very heart of a home. Available in a set of two center tables, Eden Center Table has also an elegant and highly decorative side table version.



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