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Best Interior Designers, South America

Lily Duclaud | Fairy Tale Interior Designs For High-End Clients

Lily Duclaud is a certified international interior decorator and graphic designer. Her vast experience as a designer for over 20 years working side by side with her mother who recently passed away accords her the privilege to stand out in the design sector in Mexico City and internationally. She is an accomplished mother and wifehighly family oriented.

She is skilled in mural designs and creates high-end custom designs for her clients, which covers both commercial and residential projects. Her portfolio entails a wide range of awe-inspiring interior and architectural designs on storytellers, fairy tale – private labels (ambassadors), renovations and high-end ‘handy manny’. A professional with space planning skills at budget considerations, balancing and form to deliver breathtaking and custom design solutions. Designs custom finishes and furnishings for residential and commercial markets. Creates client pitch presentations for floor plans, elevations, finish plans and construction drawings. Lily Duclaud is commended to be a designer with great solutions for cost-saving, space-saving storage solutions that maximize limited modeling budget and on-time delivery. She is recognized for interior and experienced design solutions. Also creates awe-inspiring and fairy-tale interior designs for high-end clients.

Casa de Piedra | Pedregal, Mexico

The Stone House or Casa de Piedra is located in the Pedregal area, a space that Lily Duclaud redesigned with lots of love. In this project, as the name implies, Lily Duclaud and her team chose natural stone walls, vaulted ceilings and beautiful chandeliers with a modern style, oversized furniture and decorative details with natural finishes, soft rugs that together give us a feeling of harmony and comfort. For the color palette, they chose black and white, with some walls in purple that contrast to give greater strength. In the main room, they place large paintings with family photos to give warmth, a large decorated bookcase, and large and comfortable sofas that surround a large coffee table with decorative elements in glass and metal. In the dining room they place mustard-colored chairs and a large table with a glossy finish that give stability and elegance.

La Loma Condo | San Angel, Mexico

One of the most loved and special apartments for Lily Duclaud and her team, located in the Santa Fe area. In this large apartment, they did a total remodeling, they redesigned all the spaces to make the most of them and chose a different color palette to personalize each area, predominantly black and white combining it with colors that would give lighting and warmth. With open spaces, large windows, beige velvet curtains and sculptural lamps they managed to give impressive lighting to the living room; large armchairs in linen and leather, adorned with cushions of natural fabrics in different tones, a large coffee table with decorative elements, oil paintings framed with points of light to illuminate them and attract attention to them, without a doubt all together achieved a classic French style.

Undoubtedly a space thought and designed especially for a dear client, the dream of any single person. This great apartment located in the Santa Fe area, combines a modern and contemporary style, making use of avant-garde materials, glass and metals. This time they chose a beautiful wooden floor, white walls and furniture incorporating a little reddish tone to give a unified, comfortable and elegant visual appearance. In terms of lighting, fantastic chrome lamps were chosen that hang from a high ceiling, which they took advantage of to include a large bookcase decorated with books and collectibles from the client. Lily Duclaud added some occasional furniture with more pieces that characterize the tastes and hobbies of the duel of this incredible space.

Domicile Mrs. Reez | New York, USA

There is a style that has always defined Lily Duclaud, which is classic and this project is one more example of her great work. As we already mentioned, the classic style was chosen for the whole house since, in addition to being elegant, it is timeless regardless of new trends. All the finishes are natural, cream and navy blue colors are part of the color palette. Large wooden furniture with decorative elements such as books, flowers and bronze pieces. Crystal chandeliers, art and photos are always framed with exquisite wooden frames in addition to a large background bookcase creating an atmosphere full of luxury and sophistication.

Sendero | Santa Fe, Mexico

Lily Duclaud and her team this time worked on the remodel of a beautiful apartment in Santa Fe, designing each of the spaces to make the most of them. The kitchen was opened to integrate it into the living room and tv room area, and a beautiful wooden bar with two hanging lamps was made, as well as a small black wooden bar that gives a double use to the bar. With walls in classic blue and brick tones, impressive gear-shaped mirrors were incorporated that covered an entire wall giving it great prominence, leather armchairs, a coffee table in the shape of books, and decoration elements in cream colors to contrast and achieve a visual and elegant balance.

Casa Azul | Metepec, Estado de Mexico

For one of her favorite families, Lily Duclaud created an unbeatable place, from the architecture project, carefully designing each space so that they live great moments and thus create beautiful memories. From the imposing blue classic façade, which welcomes you with a large wooden door with the family’s initials and a beautiful floor of small cream-colored mosaic tiles, you are welcomed into a hall with a very French style. Inside a large black and white staircase with pendant lamps that illuminate the entire space, for the furniture they chose large pieces of furniture, monochromatic chairs with gold details, leather armchairs, black wood-marked canvases, fantastic chandeliers, long curtains, and decorative elements such as books and gold pieces. In the dining area, they put a long wooden table, armchairs with classic details and a wooden floor.



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