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Lally & Berger Redesigned an Hospitality Landmark of Paris

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Lally & Berger Redesigned a Hospitality Landmark of Paris. It was in 1907 that the Meurice inaugurated a roof garden, originally conceived as a summer restaurant. Today, the 7th and top floor of the hotel is solely devoted to the Belle Etoile Suite, which is housed in a structure added in the 50s, designed by Lally & Berger. Today, Best Interior Designers decided to present this amazing project!


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Lally & Berger Redesigned an Hospitality Landmark of Paris


With 250m2 of interior space and 350m2 private terrace, it offers guests breath-taking and exceptional views of the monuments of Paris like the Louvre, the Orsay Museum and the Eiffel Tower. The unveiling of the Belle Etoile Suite, this summer, was the high point of this project, with its terrace transformed with the help of the French landscape architect, Pierre-Alexandre Risser.


“We wanted to accentuate what makes this suite so incredible and unique: its exceptional situation. You have the impression that you’re all alone in Paris with the city at your feet and it’s as if all its monuments were there just for you. You never get tired of looking at them” says Luc Berger.

With that in mind, the couple created this amazing renovation of the Le Maurice and tried to keep the classic essence of the hotel with a more contemporary approach, even though the framework is still quite traditional. The idea was to feel as if you are in the same hotel, but in another era.
Painted completely with a cloud-like motif, there is an antechamber, the Boudoir, which is a wink to Claude Monet’s Water Lilies in the Orangerie Museum that can be seen from the terrace. Both the colours and textures are quite similar. In the middle presides a sculptural chaise longue designed by Lally & Berger and upholstered by the Ateliers Jouffre. The oak door to the actual Suite bears a majestic handle at its center on which you find a welcoming carved face.



The Entry foyer was inspired by the halls of town mansions. The space features a handrail sculpted with bronze branches and a stately chandelier in the form of leaves: a nod to the neighboring Tuileries Gardens and the image of the hanging garden evoked by the Suite’s terrace. The gilded bronze of the handrail gives it a precious appearance.


An area devoted to reading and contemplation also makes part of this amazing project. The study is completed with art books chosen at the nearby Galignani bookstore converse with shelves composed of strips of brushed brass, arranged in an irregular pattern. On either side of it are two vintage mirrors. They hang on aged-oak panels, decorated with gold-leaf details, which underline the 18th-century-style of the architecture. Each of the different areas in the living area is separated by columns, into which the designers have integrated soft plaster wall lights.


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Here, BRABBU makes a statement with customized MAYA armchairs. Maya civilization had maize as one of the primary elements of their culture. Personified as a woman, Maya’s Maize God was the inspiration behind this product. MAYA armchairs are also present in an amazing resting area, with the stunning view above the city of Paris. “For me, one of the most successful things about the project is the way you’ve created an architectural rhythm in the living room ”, says the designer Luc Berger



While entering in the bedroom, the views are completely open to Paris. Two custom “totems” or partitions separate the bedroom into several areas: the dressing room towards the bathroom offers a stunning panorama over Montmartre; the bedroom in the center has views on either side; the desk near the entrance welcomes guests. A shell in staff descends from the ceiling, creating a contemporary floating element by day and an outsized light fixture by night.



The marble-clad bathroom was little altered, largely retaining its luxurious, elegant décor from before. The bathtub was simply enlarged and equipped with the functions of a Jacuzzi. New vanities were made from hammered brass, which helps to warm up the atmosphere, as do the bronze taps. An oak dressing table placed opposite the view of the Montmartre breaks with the radical, symmetrical lines of the room and adds a more intimate touch. In a similar fashion, the surrounding garden has been conceived to offer a greater sense of privacy.


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Paris, the City of Lights is also de city of design! The French Capital is also known worldwide as the Design Capital of Europe, a title that fits it perfectly due to the incredible amount of creativity and design passion that flows through the Parisian streets, neighborhoods, and landmarks! Home to some of the most spectacular, exquisite, prolific and passionate designers and architects of the planet, this amazing city is also home to some of the most illustrious institutions and tradeshows of the world of design. We can name, for instance, the worldwide popular Maison&Objet tradeshow or the iconic Paris College of Art, not to mention the iconic museums of the city, like the Louvre or the Musée d’Orsay. These and many more institutions' personalities and events have been inspiring the worldwide designers for decades. We can say that the beautiful city of Paris is much more than just a creative hub for design, it’s also a design lifestyle and inspiration all on its own. paris Download Our Inspirational Ebook Featuring The Best Designers of Paris top25paris



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