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Get to Know the Spanish Flavour of UDesign


Today we will present you the Spanish Design Flavor of UDesign! This is an interior design firm that thrives in architecture and interior design and today we will explore their work!

THE Restaurant by Tom Dixon
Mid-Century Modern Inspirations for your Living Room


A multicultural group of designers, architects and craftsmen make up UDesign, an company with an experienced team that is sure to make every project come true from a simple but ambitious dream. Innovation, skill and passionate are what make this such a beloved firm with such incredible projects. Today, we’ll show you our favorites from UDesign and just why this is the interior design company to look out for.

Get to Know the Spanish Flavour of UDesign

If you’re looking for a modern, innovative and skillful interior design company with an experienced team that will make your dreams come to life, then UDesign is the right one for you. Stunning designs that will forever be in your heart, your eyes feasting upon the delight that is the harmony between each furniture piece, each amazing and complex detail that only this company could give.

Get to Know the Spanish Flavour of UDesign

This Hockey Stick Villa is one of the many projects they have, each one more beautiful than the other, a celebration of interior design trends and the uniqueness and identity that only UDesign can insert into its projects. A design like this makes us want to dive right into the picture, dream of bigger and better things, and that’s exactly the effect this interior design company has on us, the search of better and better design, with a quality that is hard to surpass.

Get to Know the Spanish Flavour of UDesign

A modern classic concept is presented to us in this project, looking straight out of a Greek palace. From the magnificent sofas to the stunning chandelier, the white and black come together with the gold and bold purple. It all comes together perfectly in the end.

Get to Know the Spanish Flavour of UDesign

A contemporary and modern living room with a twist of classic, we find incredible pieces of furniture that are much more than just furniture: it’s art. The upholstered sofas, the amazing suspension light of black and stunning simplicity, even the shiny side tables and the amazing mirror on the wall, drawing our eyes to the center of the room – an incredible attention to detail that we just can’t seem to get out of our heads.

This interior design company based in Spain is truly the one to look out for when it comes to innovative and stunning design projects that truly elevate it and shows us just what can be done when a group of experts come together, bringing their passion forward with every project.

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