Knightsbridge Manor Nimue Hallway
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Knightsbridge Manor: The Modern Contemporary Royalty House in London

Knightsbridge Manor is the new residence designed by the Home’Society Studio and BRABBU, which is located in Knightsbridge, London, and is filled with unique design choices that create an intense environment, unlike anything ever seen. After conquering Paris with the Eternel Parisian Apartment, and Madrid with the Untamed La Finca, it is now time to rule over London with the Illustrious Knightsbridge Manor.



Knightsbridge Manor
A Sensorial Experience Filled with Harmony and Majesty

The ‘Illustrious’ Knightsbridge Manor is located in Knightsbridge, London, and has 301,52m2 |  3,245,53sqft of astonishingly unique design choices that create an intensely unique ambience, unlike anything anyone has ever seen. Owned by a happily married couple and their son, this home is pure living art, filled with sophisticated rooms and elements that welcome the family who lives in it into a world of wondrous dreams. A true sanctuary that evokes various emotions, including harmony, and visual thrills, this house proves to be a sensorial masterpiece where moments can feel truly alive, where luxury can embrace all these emotions and provide unforgettable experiences. The city where royalty lives have a great influence on the home’s striking visuals, providing a royal sense of utter fantastical luxury through the shapes and forms of intense elements that all-around turn this home into a majestic space where dreams roam free.

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Knightsbridge Manor
Nimue Hallway

Knightsbridge Manor Nimue Hallway

Nimue, in Arthurian Legends, is known to be the powerful lady of the lake, a character that rises from the steep waters of Avalon to aid King Arthur in many daunting tasks, ensuring the beginning of fantastical quests and fights.  With its involving greenery, this hallway evoked the magic of the lake where the lady sleeps, while also providing an almost mythical melting carpet that flows as if water through the floors of the entryway, creating a dazzling effect that leaves all who see it in a wonderful daze. Featuring an amazing Amazon custom made rug that awards this room intense style and astonishing uniqueness, this fierce design will surely leave all of the houseguests with their jaws on the floor.

Knightsbridge Manor
The Crown Jewel Living Room

Knightsbridge Manor The Crown Jewel Living Room

Just like the astonishingly majestic crown jewels that have been in the British Royal Family for entire generations, so was this room designed to accompany a family for decades to come. The golden shine that emanates from some of the furnishings in the room together with the warm colour explosion of some other elements evokes the grandeur of the detailed jewellery that shines as bright as the sun when hit by the glorious sun. Ornamenting this room is the astonishing MAYA Armchairs, evoking the true intensity of luxury design, the astounding APIS Table Light shining its wonderful light on the SEQUOIA Centre Table and the amazing MUSA Fireplace, as to embrace the family in wintery nights with its warmness.

Knightsbridge Manor
Dorian Dining Room

Knightsbridge Manor Dorian Dining Room

Dorian Gray, a well-known character from English Literature, was an extremely beautiful young man who immediately captured everyone’s attention, and such is his beauty, that he wishes his painting, his reflection, to age instead of him. This dining room reflects just that: with a stunning wall panel reflecting the image of all those who enter this amazing dining chamber, possibly prompting them to maybe wish for the same thing as Dorian did. Popping colours and grey shadings fill the blissful ambience with the same glamorous style Dorian would have immersed himself in. The iconic ZULU Dining Chair is a major drawer of attention in this magnificent design, with its majestic red colour. The product is complemented by the incredible KOI II Dining Table, the unique AURUM Suspension Light, the intensely amazing CAY Rectangle Mirror, and last, but not least, the Palm Rug.

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Knightsbridge Manor
Charleston Kitchen

Knightsbridge Manor Charleston Kitchen

The Charleston Farmhouse, located in Essex, was the home of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant. It stands as an example of its decorative style in a domestic context, representing the fruition of more than sixty years of creative identity and creativity. Following in the footsteps of the farmhouse, this kitchen is the symbolic achievement of the intense harmony of the styles that reigns supreme over Knightsbridge Manor, perfectly blending contemporary ideas with classic styles within the same home. With the incredibly sophisticated IBIS Counter Stool, providing the best possible comfort in the room, and the amazing ETTA Pendant Light from DelightFULL, illuminating enjoyable evening conversations, this kitchen proves to be the perfect place to prepare delicious meals after a full day.

Knightsbridge Manor
A Room of One’s Own

Knightsbridge Manor A Room of One’s Own

Just like many have fought to be able to own their own space inside certain places, so have these parents conquered the honour of owning their dream bedroom, a room filled with passion, intensity and amazing colours that perfectly blend into a harmonic visual melody that is impossible not to feel astonished by. From the unique shapes on the rug to the incredible mirror that faces the bed, just above the fireplace, this space is a true sanctuary, a well-deserved prize. This amazing room is blessed by the amazing LATZA Centre Table, the dazzling COMO Sofa and the AMIK Table Light, which allow for some intensely unique moments of rest and harmony.

Knightsbridge Manor
A Sovereign’s Bathroom

Knightsbridge Manor A Sovereign’s Bathroom

This bathroom, just like the Sovereign’s Sceptre and rod, is a grand design statement that firmly states its power above all designs, featuring golden lines that infuse one’s eyes with incredible wonder and awe. Its shine is as bright as the shine of the spectre held by hundreds of kings throughout history, and it features some of the most beautiful modern design elements one could hope for. This bathroom is itself a jewel, and its intensity is simply astonishing. This sovereign’s bathroom’s blissfulness is expertly ornamented with the incredible DARIAN Bathtub and the DARIAN Washbasin, allowing for intense luxury to be felt throughout the room, all the while being perfectly complimented with the brilliant CELL Rug.

Knightsbridge Manor
Avalon Bedroom

Knightsbridge Manor Avalon Bedroom

Avalon is a fantasy legendary island, home of King Arthur and his roundtable of intrepid knights, and just like the king’s home is a place of wondrous adventures and quests, so is this room. With its distinctively marvellous colours, shapes and drawings that dance around each one of the elements of the space, this fantastic room is the perfect place for a child’s dream to come alive and to soar high into uncharted skies.  This adventurous bedroom features some amazingly unique elements such as the CLOUD Light and the dreamy CLOUD Beds from CIRCU, as well as the MR. POTATO GAME Rug by Rug’Society. These will take the kids flying in dreamy aerial adventures through bright blue skies.

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Knightsbridge Manor
Neverland Bathroom

Knightsbridge Manor Neverland Bathroom

Featuring some of the most imaginative bathroom designs ever seen, this private oasis meant for children is meant to grab them by their imagination and take them flying into a Neverland of adventurous relaxation and sensational emotions, where they can truly find rest in beauty. Its incredible colours evoke the magic felt in otherworldly places and the beauty of the shapes that ornament the room provide a sense of luxurious functionality that screams uniqueness. This inventive bathroom features the amazing custom PETRA Bathtub as its impressive centrepiece, together with the amazing custom PETRA Washbasin, awarding dreamy moments of pure blissfulness to whoever enters this room. At the same time as being illuminated by the dazzling ATOMIC Suspension Light by DelightFULL.

Knightsbridge Manor
Palladium Theatre

Knightsbridge Manor Palladium Theatre

The London Palladium is a dazzling theatre that is located in the heart of the swinging city, one that has had, over the years, plenty of large performances blessing its stages and people filling its seats. This home theatre seeks to provide the unique sensations of a theatre like the Palladium, right at home. All the thrills of emotions coursing through one’s veins as the owners intensely feel for the characters and fear for their lives, the beauty of laughs at comedic genius performances and the tears of sadness over tragedy are all compiled in this impressive room that is as comfortable as it is luxurious. The OREAS Single Sofas and Sofa are the perfect complement to the wonderfully designed theatre room. The NAJ Ottomans and CRAIG Side Tables award this space an iconic feel that is only augmented by the perfectly chosen VALENCIA Rug.

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