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Joel Escalona

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Joel Escalona is a young talent. Born in 1986, he is a mexican industrial designer who began co-directing Komodo Render, and at a Creative Director at Xilem, a Mexican company committed to furniture, interior and installation design.

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Since 2008, Joel Escalona started his industrial design practice, designing from tableware to electronics for companies worldwide.

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He runs Lifestyle Design Studio, a company that is able to position itself as a broad design studio, working with various clients, specialists, and agencies on a variety of projects. Escalona’s work has won numerous awards in Mexico, China and the United States.

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Joel Escalona Studio is representative of the new generation of design made from Mexico. His design work has been featured in specialized design exhibitions, international trade-shows, design magazines and books worldwide.

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Recently, Escalona showcased at Milan Design Week 2012. We can say that his latest novelties presented at the show were the materialization of passion and dedication for what the work he deeply believes.

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