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Interview with Contract’s Interiors Awards Design Legends – Felderman Keatinge

Best Interior Designers was given a great opportunity to interview one of the most interesting couples in the interior design industry, creators of some of the most beautiful modern office interiors.

Stanley Felderman and Nancy Keatinge are husband and wife running a multidisciplinary architectural design firm, Felderman Keatinge & Associates. Their work has been featured in the Museum of the Modern Art and the Whitney Museum. Stanley Felderman invented and designed one of the first ATMs and was the first to employ fiber optics, raised flooring and holographic images for the Faberge Headquarters.

Stanley Felderman and Nancy Keatinge shared with us their perspective on design, inspiration, relationship with clients and working as a team. Enjoy reading!

What do you like most about being an interior designer?

Nancy Keatinge: It’s fascinating to see the way that the industry is always changing. We are not susceptible to trends, but we are always open to new visions and cater our designs to changes in technology and environmental interaction. As a team, we have been fortunate enough to offer insight from our own experiences to a conversation that is always expanding. We were mavericks of the open design concept, long before it was as common as it is today.

Stanley Felderman: Creativity is the foundation of all of our work, and creating art has been a part of my core since childhood. We are always creating as individuals, and also learn from collaborating with clients and fellow artists – it is a constant cycle of innovation through productivity.

best-interior-designers-Felderman-Keatinge-Interview-MTV-Airstream in Reception

Do you have a favorite project or a favorite story about one of your projects?

Nancy Keatinge: Every project is new and exciting for us. Often clients will come to us and say “We want what you did at [whichever previous project]” and while we appreciate that recognition of our work, we always want to ensure that our work is innovative.

Stanley Felderman: We also want to make sure that the environment we are working together to create is suitable for the client’s needs – things that we have done in the past may or may not correspond with their needs. Through open communication and constant conversation we form the best plan of action.

Do you believe there is “chemistry” between a designer and a client? Do you think it is important for creating perfect spaces?

Stanley Felderman: ‘Chemistry’ is definitely a key factor in creating the right space. I think what has always been the most important part of our journey is connecting with our clients.

Nancy Keatinge: We keep an open mind and digest what our clients’ needs are, then create based on that. In creating these relationships, we’ve had a lot of clients come back for continued work, like office expansion work with CAA in NYC or the Drago restaurants who we have collaborated with twice now in Los Angeles.


You work as a team. Do you think it is easier or more difficult than working alone?

Nancy Keatinge: I think we both do enough as individuals – I have my side projects and Stanley has his art exhibits, tennis shoe designs, and is constantly sketching – that allows us to both create as independents while still always having projects that we are collaborating on. We both have something to bring to the table and I feel the success of our business relationship mirrors that of our familial relationship.

How would you describe your style? Do you have any “signature” that you like to leave in your projects?

Nancy Keatinge: Our style is a combination of our beginnings – I am from California, and Stanley is from New York. We come together to create products that are universal. Our aesthetic is best described as high-octane minimalism.

Stanley Felderman: To be known for being future-forward.

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We believe interior designers are artists and probably like all artists need to search for inspiration from time to time. Who or what inspires you the most? Where do you search for your inspiration?

Felderman-Keatinge: Our inspiration comes from outside of our industry. Our mantra is “not to replicate the past but to build a bridge for the future.” We look at each project with open eyes as a refresher to our collaborations. Our inspiration lies within the cycle of creation.

Do you have a dream project? Some type of property you would love to work on?

Nancy Keatinge We would love to work on a large-scale project with a tech. company or an entertainment campus. We really enjoy product design, and I see that continuing in our future.

Do you have any favorite brands or pieces? Something you love to include in your projects?

Nancy Keatinge We worked with Haworth furniture on a collection called Collaborate, which is versatile in a way that fits in both traditional and modern interiors. As a total design firm, we like to create furniture, artwork, and installations that work for each of our individual clients in their space. We created a large 3D sculpture of Godzilla for Legendary that really serves as a must-see for all who enter the space.

best-interior-designers-Felderman-Keatinge-Interview-Legendary LA

About Felderman Keatinge & Associates

Felderman Keatinge & Associates is a multidisciplinary architecture and design company based in Los Angeles with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Pioneers of the “total design concept,” Felderman Keatinge & Associates’ portfolio has everything from interior design, architecture, graphics to industrial design. Their client list includes such international giants as Legendary Pictures, MTV Networks, Walt Disney Company, Universal Music Group, Samsung Corporation, and Sony.

More about Felderman Keatinge & Associates and their projects coming soon!

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