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Interior Designs Inspirations | Pembrooke & Ives

Interior Designs Inspirations | Pembrooke & Ives are here! Pembrooke & Ives, which Andrew Sheinman founded in 1987, has also created cutting-edge interior design projects for notable residential buildings, private yachts, and aircraft. Based in NYC, Pembrooke & Ives are an interior design company of excellence. Today, we’re going to show you the best design projects from this top interior designer, as well as its story and inspiration. If you wish to know more, continue reading!

A 55-person company, Pembrooke & Ives is made up of specialists in every area of interior design. They have been improving their clients’ visions for their dream houses and design projects for more than 30 years. They work hard to give their clients an unmatched design experience, which they consistently do.

They take a collaborative, thoughtful, and responsive approach to every design job, creating the easy-going, comfortable spaces that are the trademark of their brand. They have created a sizable number of projects all around the world, including in New York, London, Greek Islands, and the Hamptons.

With an original and breathtaking vision of luxury, sophistication, and elegance, they design each project with the appearance of ease. Each project demonstrates the talent of the Pembrooke & Ives team.

Pembrooke & Ives has been named by Architectural Digest one of the “Top 100” interior design firms in the United States and has received multiple awards for their work, such as Showboat’s “Best Retrofit of the Year” and Mountain Living’s “Home of the Year” for their work on a private residence in Aspen.




Horus II Suspension Lamp, by Brabbu, just like the God of the sky and the rising sun, promises to be a reference in modern interior design. Featuring a structure in matte black lacquered brass and shades in crackle glass, this chandelier is perfect for creating a grand reveal over a fierce living room sofa.



Maya Armchair, by Brabbu, has legs in matte-aged brass, this velvet accent chair has the sensual and delicate forms of the goddess, making it the perfect seating solution for an elegant living room set. The Mayan civilization had maize as one of the primary elements of their culture.



Nuka Counter Stool was inspired by this magnificent natural monument, Nuka a glacier in Alaska, known for its sublime beauty fitting perfectly any sober, yet distinctive home decor.



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