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Home’Society Magazine: Your Doorway into New Enchant Worlds of Design

Home’Society Magazine is your new free interior design magazine that will keep you updated on the latest news and trends in the world of design. Home’Society has been standing out in the world of interior design, as an innovative platform with a curated selection of the best products and latest trends. Launching this magazine comes from a continuous desire to offer quality content to the design lover community and all those who have followed our path so far.


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Home’Society Magazine
The 1st Edition

It is then with great pleasure that we invite you to discover and enjoy the first issue of Home’Society Magazine. The reality as we know it has been changing rapidly, especially in the last year and a half. The ever-changing world of trends and design was no exception. This edition will explore the future and the potential for reinvention and evolution in areas such as architecture, decoration, art, and culture. Get to know not only its key players but also the rising stars, as well as ideas to inspire a modern home décor. Furthermore, benefit from smart tips on how to use warm colours in your designs and a set of TV Shows, podcasts, eBooks that will certainly captivate your interest and help you through this design journey.

And since there is no place like home, we have prepared a guide to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and undoubtedly an emerging name in its design scene – Porto. Being lucky enough to have our headquarters here, we will guide you through its trendiest spots, from art galleries to those places where locals go to grab a bite. We hope you enjoy this edition as much as we loved creating it, Home’Society mission is and will always be to inspire you on every single page!


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Home’Society Magazine
Forbes Masters

Forbes Masters is a full-service interior design firm based in Atlanta that functions under the mind of three creative women: Tavia Forbes, Monet Masters, and Dorothy McGhee. Tavia and Monet were responsible for naming the company and have the role of principal interior designer, while Dorothy is the junior interior designer. In what concerns their inspirations, Tavia Forbes tends to focus on references to historical periods, as well as forward-looking design trends, with ideas mostly focused on polished spaces with modern and clean lines, giving special attention to quality craftsmanship. On the other hand, Monet tends to focus on spaces that harness positive energy, pride, and peace, creating interiors with a peaceful, balanced, and relaxed vibe. Dorothy has a luxury kitchen and bath design experience and is also known as the woman that incorporates exquisite hard surfaces, specifies, and plumbs into designs.


Forbes Masters believe that trust between clients and the team is a must-have, so the first ones can sit back and relax during all process. The studio focuses on the brilliant minds of the interior designers, perfectly mixing their styles and ideas and creating fantastic residential and commercial spaces. The Midtown Home Office and the Greenville Modern were the chosen projects to highlight the studio’s work: engaging with the new work style from home nowadays, the Midtown Home Office is the perfect project to take some ideas. “A space stylish enough to hold meetings but personal enough to allow for your pyjamas” is the motto that Forbes Masters used to describe this space and represents how everyone wants to feel when working from home.


The Greenville Modern is a project by Forbes Masters that focuses on a living room, a space where everyone can enjoy quality time. This Forbes Masters’ interior shows how gatherings can make everyone feel at home, and combining the elegance and sophistication of dazzling interiors, the studio presents a clean yet joyful decor. “Modern. Raw. Serene” is how the project is described by the interior designers where neutrals meet fashioned patchwork and warm colours. The contrast between the white couch, the black armchairs and the Vichy chairs make the perfect “personality” combo. A smooth pop of colour is a fashionable way to give more life to neutral interiors without losing the clean look, and in the Greenville Modern project, the designers chose to make the colours flow through the rugs, the plants, the wall decor, and even with the books inside the shelves.




Home’Society Magazine
Light on White

Light on White is an international architecture and design studio based in Miami and founded by Alizee Brion in 2016. Alizee was born in Paris and raised in London, mastered architecture, having all of the creative design work driven by her passion for art and nature. The studio combines architects, interior designers, and project managers, offering a highly personalised design service for luxury residential projects and recently expanded its expertise to boutique hospitality and custom yacht interiors. To ensure the cohesion of the design, the company is simultaneously responsible for the architecture and furnishing of each project. And if the name did not say it all, Light On White is characterised by a masterful and subtle approach that “connects the design studio’s work, while still allowing each project to be a reflection of its unique client and context”.


Take a look at two of the studio’s works: Biscayne Residence and North Beach Residence. The first one, Biscayne Residence, mixes a neutral colour palette of warm greys with jewel-toned blues and greens, thought to enhance the ephemeral shades of Biscayne Bay. The natural light is, once again, privileged to highlight the breathtaking views, and the interior is a functional open plan to maximize the living space. This residence is like a perfect retreat to enjoy the calmness after a busy day, serving as inspiration for paradisiac and sophisticated interiors.


“A beachfront haven of serenity” is how Light On White describes the North Beach Residence, where lightness and natural flow are prioritised on the open-plan layout introducing a sense of intimacy. With its uninterrupted ocean views, this 3 bedroom apartment is transformed into a tranquil and ordered home. The muted colour palette of beiges, which are already characteristic in the company’s decor, contrasts with accents of black, bringing a delightful and timeless contemporary design. Custom joinery and wood-panelled walls are inspired by a Japanese aesthetic add structure and radiate warmth. This project shows the nature inspiration by, once again, layering several textures, and the collected artefacts and artworks from the owner’s travels were perfect finishes to the interior. From the couch to furniture and even walls, the light colours claim for welcoming and elegant interiors.



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Home'Society Magazine blog article