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Home Office: 10 Luxurious Lightning Ideas

Lighting that is strategically placed provides depth, height, and warm spots to a space. Furthermore, achieving the ideal mix of light and shadow will always add energy to the design, which should never be disregarded. Covet House is ready to make a visual statement in your home office with the magical power of the world’s most coveted designs!




Home Office with a golden pink chandelier

Turner Table Lamp was inspired by the renowned pop singer’s spectacular and distinctive dance routines. Turner is a huge table lamp made of brass and aluminum that is handcrafted. The body is gold-plated, while the shade is black matte on the exterior and gold powder paint on the inside to avoid creating an uncomfortable glaze for the user. Its five moveable arcs can be rotated into any desired position, giving this black table lamp a playful feel and allowing you to build the perfect composition to complement your modern home design.



Blue toned office with golden details


Jonathan Adler creates some of the most unique interior design projects, and his work is a stunning combination of patterns, colors, and materials. The interior designer produces places with a variety of visual interest, and the use of geometric shapes and varying scaled furnishings is a key component of his work.


Lamps Boca do Lobo



wood office with classic golden lamp


Nancy Table Lamp is an art deco lighting fixture that will add a splash of color to your home’s décor and life! This lamp, inspired by golden period classics, is handcrafted in brass and aluminum by skilled artisans who still employ traditional processes to create this masterpiece. Nancy Table Lamp will complement your mid-century Home office décor well.



Nancy Table Lamp

Golden table lamp




Modern office with black table


The Liberty Suspension Lamp incorporates the Liberty family’s beautiful and magnificent lines. Its complexity and richness mix seamlessly, making it ideal for those who appreciate meticulous attention to detail. This mix of brass and crystal glass promises to enliven any project with its remarkable elegance.



Light brown home office


Pierre Yovanovitch, known for his mastery of volume and space, produces one-of-a-kind interiors that are always tailored to the genius loci, as well as the client’s personality and way of life. He transforms the area into a visually compelling example of beautiful harmony by using noble materials such as valuable woods, stone, marble, and metal.



Dark blue office with simple decor


The Apache are a Native American tribe who were the first to live in Colorado’s untamed areas. Apache Table Lamp was designed to evoke the splendor of Colorado’s landscapes with a white marble base, matte walnut veneer, polished brass, and a white satin fabric abat-jour. This table lamp gives any room a unique look.



Dark modern office with light brown tones


This trendy ceiling lamp is a true statement of luxury. The Matheny Chandelier is a one-of-a-kind piece that is a fresh take on mid-century classics. Its structure is handmade in brass and has a geometric design of linked tubes. It has a spherical form and is made out of golden tubes that mirror the refinement of a classic light. This opulent chandelier light, weighing 110 pounds, can be used in a modern living room or as modern dining room illumination.





Dark wood toned office with a chaise lounge


The cypress tree has many symbolic and decorative properties. It was the inspiration for our Cypres Floor Lamp, which has a construction that mixes gold-plated brass glossy and nickel-plated brass glossy finishes, gold-plated brass shaders, and an estremoz marble base. This sleek floor lamp will stand out in any modern interior design scheme.



ligth home office with a minimalist suspended lamp


“Hollywood glamour meets ethnic exotica,” Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s style has been defined as “eclectic, sumptuous, smart, comfortable, and fearless.” His “abundant use of texture, color, and extraordinary attention to detail” has been praised, as well as his “strong command of proportion and scale, a deft hand with color and pattern, and an exuberantly global sensibility.”



modern classic office furnitured with light brown marble table


The cataclysmic explosion of a huge star gave birth to Supernova Chandelier. A dazzling starburst was suspended in a unique lighting arrangement in an instant. Supernovas can outshine entire galaxies and emit more energy in a single second than our sun will in its entire lifetime. Supernova Chandelier’s suspended brass particles will provide you with a timeless, bright, and stunning setting.



Supernova Chandelier

out of the box chandelier with candle like lamps


What do you think about these lighting ideas for your luxury home office?


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