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Highest Quality Interiors by Munge Leung


At Munge Leung, we are guided by a passion for great design, inspired by excellence and committed to exceptional service. These values are at the core of our internationally renowned design firm, allowing us to develop long-standing and synergistic relationships with clients.

They believe each project is unique and deserving of its own signature. To that end, our goal is to create distinctive design for each client through a personalized approach to ensure an exceptional result. Their steps are strategic: establish a practical design vision, then create customized layers using textures, patterns, finishes, furniture, artwork and accessories. This approach allows them to develop unique projects that respect architecture and culture, while remaining true to the conceptual vision. In sum, inimitable design.

Alessandro Munge’s passion for design developed from his innate ability to imagine 3-dimensional, interactive spaces from a young age. Early on, Alessandro began sketching designs for his mother’s drapery business, later expanding his visions to incorporate different elements of a room to create a comprehensive and holistic space. His enthusiasm for architecture and interior design grew throughout high school and college, before spearheading hospitality and retail projects for a renowned Toronto-based interior design firm. During his 16 years since, at the helm of Munge Leung, Alessandro has instilled the design process with a balanced approach that captures the essence of each client’s vision from both a creative and financial perspective. His international travels, expertise and cultural exposure have allowed the firm the ability to create and sculpt spaces into distinctive, signature experiences, reflecting the essence and vibrancy of their inhabitants while incorporating elements from each project’s architecture, sense of place, history and heritage. As Munge Leung’s charismatic leader, Alessandro inspires the firm’s diverse design teams with passion and creativity to produce exceptional, interactive and immersive design. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Alessandro’s global perspective, inquisitive nature and unfailing quest for the perfect solution has propelled Munge Leung to become a global design leader.

"3018 yonge interior"
3018 Yonge TORONTO house by munge leung