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Greg Natale: Exclusive Interview

Greg Natale

Greg Natale is an award-winning Australian designer, owner of a company that carries his name since 2001. Best Interior Designers got an exclusive interview for you to get to know all the details about his work and get the inspiration you didn’t even know you needed. Enjoy!



Hallway By Greg Natale

Boredom is something you will never find in Greg Natale’s projects — well-known for the use of colors and patterns, his work is unique and full of personality.  With his curation and a sharp eye for sophistication, one thing is sure: you’ll get a bold, colorful and luxurious design to live in.

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Living Room By Greg Natale

The designer published two books on interior design showcasing his unique style: The Tailored Interior in 2014 and The Patterned Interior in 2018. Now, he told Best Interior Designers that his current goal is to finish the third book, a project that he’s been working on at the moment. The Layered Interior with Rizzoli will be out in September 2022 with a selection of my most recent projects. We can’t wait!

Eclectic Living Room By Greg Natale

This month, Greg Natale Design celebrates 20 years of creation. Offering a full design service for its clients, including architecture, exterior, interior design, and decoration, the company has become one of Australia’s top design firms. And Greg Natale himself an international reference. The first five years starting the business and building a portfolio of work was the most challenging time of his career, he affirms, adding that building the right team can be difficult. The hardest part, however, seems to be left behind:  the business is very established and the current focus is to continually build up his products. It’s safe to say we can expect interesting novelties in the future ahead:

“As a creative person, I am always looking forward to the next thing that I can contribute to an exciting collaboration, a new interior project or a beautifully designed product.”



On this note, there are some projects on the way. “I am excited to be working on a collaboration with Covet House, not sure I can say much more at this stage”,  he says, affirming that he loves Portuguese craftsmanship, having the guarantee that he will receive a beautiful well-crafted piece that will last the test of time.

Master Bedroom By Greg Natale

Social media is a fundamental part of any business these days. The majority of Greg’s work is residential, therefore the contact with the public is vital – and he likes to chat to his audience and answer questions on projects via Instagram. “I love social media as a way to connect directly with my audience, previews of new projects and big interiors posts are what my followers want to see and I love to share our projects in this way.”


Colourful Dining Room By Greg Natale

Interior design is always changing and evolving as time passes. Greg Natale manages to mix the best trends in harmony with his own signature. The Dawes Point House project, for example, uses pink tones, which he affirms is a color trend that is not going anywhere soon, along with red. Also, in terms of colors, mint green seems to be the next bet: “I’m seeing a lot of sage and mint green, which I think are the new ‘neutrals’ that appeal because they are so calming and work so well with other tones. I like teaming them with blush, another color that is still enjoying a design moment “.

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Kitchen Island By Greg Natale

Materials also are influenced by trends and different treatments with glass seem to be in the spotlight. Fluted glass is still popular, with finishes being explored from reeded to ribbed, curved to triangulate. Additionally, glass blocks are taking over where fluting leaves off, with various patterns in the glass giving added interest to partitions and windows, according to Greg Natale.

“Design trends have their particular cycles, and these treatments have a ’80s feel to them that is enjoying a resurgence right now. Of course, that ’80s trend was in turn an embracing of the ’30s Deco style. And so the cycle continues.”



As the cycle continues, you never know when a trend will end and another will take over.  Nevertheless, in the long term, he believes that the future will be focused on a more sustainable interior design: “I think the continued use of vintage pieces will be a focus and for new furniture the use of renewable and recyclable materials “.


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