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Find Some Contemporary Inspiration at House of Boca do Lobo’s Virtual Tour

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Let me start this article by wishing Boca do Lobo’s a very happy 15th Anniversary! This amazing luxury brand is been producing amazing products and have helped numerous designers create stunning contemporary projects. To celebrate its 15º Anniversary, this amazing design brand gathered all of its most desired concepts to create the perfect marriage between contemporary design and handcrafted unique pieces into a new concept: A Virtual House. We are allowing the art lovers, design aficionados and everyone in-between to explore the House of Boca do Lobo through a new perspective of the digital world – Visit every room of our opulent house without taking one step outside of yours. Be enticed by all the exclusive experiences we have prepared for you: from brand new launches to exciting entertainment and even some surprise guests along the way…


An Immersive Private Experience

Boca do Lobo was founded in 2005 and, early-on, it committed to reinterpreting ancient techniques of fine craftsmanship to create unexpected pieces of contemporary design. The brand will break the classic rule of design with a whole au courant language, conceiving an over the top experience through senses and feelings all in one space: 2020 Virtual Tour of the official Boca do Lobo House. The official opening of the Private Tour will be on April 16th!



This immersive experience will focus on an interactive walk-around tour in order for you to explore our newest design creations as well as other time-honoured limited edition pieces, surrounded by surprising over the top indoors and flamboyant outdoors. A Private Lounge Area will also be available, where you’ll relax and enjoy a curated selection of music, by the brands very own Creative Director Marco Costa, as well as some other surprise special guests!



Distinguished Partners

The unexpectedly edgy brand already involved distinguished partnerships such as the prestigious Illulian Showroom, located in the Milanese fashion district that showcases the most modern design trends and antique carpets and tapestries; the worldwide known publishing house of Assouline who turns books into symbols of beauty, intellect and emotion. Now other partners join the party: Myface Outdoor Furniture, rooted within the latest design and fashion trends for comfortable surroundings; Cobra Art photography companyVista Alegre who brings together passion for design and finesse and portrays the most beautiful art techniques and craftsmanship; and last but definitely not least Konrad Wines and Lifestyle who brought together what belongs together: lifestyle, style, wine, music & delight. As Media Partners, we can count on Coveted Magazine luxury design & lifestyle, and Trend Book Editions.


Presenting The Bespoke Line

The Bespoke Line expresses Boca do Lobo’s expertise and the willingness to keep on the highest standards and fulfill the desire and needs of design experts. A tailored service to convey the most personal and indulgent experience, supported by the finest craftsmanship and the passion for innovation to create singular masterpieces. A remarkable step for Boca do Lobo which embodies the house state of mind and fearless spirit to craft very personal wishes. Distinctive, inimitable and custom-made, these bespoke products are the equivalent of a personalized emotional experience, which offer no less than the ultimate in craftsmanship and first-class, calling for clients to work hand in hand with our in-house design team. Already known for the know-how to create unexpected design concepts, Boca do Lobo presents a fully bespoke service where the central theme is creative collaborations between design experts, talented craftsmen and customers.


Be The First One In!

If you want to be one of lucky few, to be among the world’s most exclusive VIP list, this is for you! On April 15th, one day before the grand-opening, Boca do Lobo will hold a press conference where a personalized Guided Tour for our press partners will take place. This way, you’ll be able to relish in a presentation of the Private House and everything that it entails as well as having all your most pressing questions answered. Because the designers are the creative mind behind Boca do Lobos unexpected pieces, the brand also decided to have a special Q&A portion with them.


It’s a new concept, a new vision, and a new era. The digital age allows now designs lovers to get closer by joining a perfect gathering that embodies the house’s fearless spirit to keep up our spirits at home.” – Marco Costa, Boca do Lobo’s Creative Director.


Marco Costa, Creative Director and Head Designer at Boca do Lobo


April is known as a special time of the year for theDesign World! Many years of living experiences in the Capital of Design, Milan/Fiera Milano, encouraged Boca do Lobo to be present with strength and boldness, launching unexpected design conceptsunique experiences and unforgettable moments too! This year has been challenging to everyone, yet we couldn’t stop to keep up our mission. The world is evolving to a new way of living, and to learning to appreciate their homes like never before.


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