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Exclusive Interview With Martinuzzi Interiors

Martinuzzi Interiors

Martinuzzi Interiors was founded by Barbara Martinuzzi and has over 15 years of experience in the interior design field and real estate. The studio has been featured in renowned magazines all over the world such as “Dolce Vita” and “Prestige Switzerland“. Barbara Martinuzzi claims that interior design has been in her DNA ever since a young age, starting by thinking about how to change spaces around her, and this passion developed over the years to the point where it become a profession. The designer faces every project as a new challenge, new excitement, with commercial projects being even more of a challenge for the thought process changes from a single person to a bigger public, thinking on a global aesthetic.

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Exclusive Interview With Martinuzzi Interiors

When asked about the studio’s customization solutions, Barbara Martinuzzi acknowledged that there is an increasing need to create costume-made furniture, having started to have little production of their items, with the future smiling on the studio’s own products line. The Studio has recently started to design their first hotel ever, the Marto Hotel in Switzerland. This hotel is an exciting project since it will combine the hospitality philosophy with new technologies, offering the guests one-of-a-kind experiences, be it long or short stays.

Exclusive Interview With Martinuzzi Interiors

When asked about what truly characterizes the Swiss style, Barbara Martinuzzi claims that the advantage of working in Switzerland is that the studio is able of working with an international community. The first priority is always guaranteeing quality service and design, with individual and unique aesthetics. The designer believes that the opulence of luxury interiors is slowly losing presence in interior design, being able to still create timeless designs with minimal flair.




Exclusive Interview With Martinuzzi Interiors

Barbara Martinuzzi shared that the studio is focused on working on the Smart Hotel with a spa center in the near future. Their design process, and the advice that they have for new designers, is to believe in oneself and trust the client. Listening to the client is the key to be able to understand their style, needs, aesthetics, and personality being thus able to incorporate all these details when creating the interiors, and exteriors, of the project. And also, search for inspiration in Nature.

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Exclusive Interview With Martinuzzi Interiors

Naturally, BRABBU’s products, inspired by nature, are the ones that reflect the studio’s design philosophy the most. Barbara Martinuzzi says that she loves the different textures and characters found in our items, being the eye-catchers of any interior design.

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