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Louise Liljencrantz

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Liljencrantz Design is an Interior Design award-winning firm. Founded by Louise Liljencrantz, in 2009, the company’s design style has mid-century modern inspirations.  The results of this way of creating are elegant, high-quality, and timeless.

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The struggle was real for Louise Liljencrantz, to start in the Interior Design world. Her company’s first years were rough, financially, but giving up was never an option for her.

“Several times I thought that I would have to give up, but luckily I did not.”


Louise loves the fact of being constantly testing new ideas and products and being hands-on every day. Nowadays, Liljencrantz  KFK Master Cabinet Makers and Veermakers work along with a number of new house projects.

“I am so grateful for where I am and for my experiences, if life ends tomorrow I will have no regrets.”

When it comes to fulfilling dreams, Louise Liljencrantz admits she has still one to fill: owning a house somewhere in Italy. Professionally, the interior designer says that exceeding clients’ expectations and watching her brand products arriving at their final home, is the best way to feel complete.

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Louise Liljencrantz points that face-to-face meetings are way better than internet ones, and that true inspiration comes from seeing it all with our own eyes.

The future reserves several new collaborations, with great furniture producers and brands, coming this fall.

“They all have something in common, they want true quality and timeless design.”

About her clients, Louise Liljencrantz refers that she communicates and promotes products and designs through Instagram, where day-to-day and traveling are shown to customers.

“I have many dreams to realize ..Life would be so boring otherwise…”

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