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Exclusive Interview With Lorena Gámez

Lorena Gámez

ByMura is a design studio established in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. It was born in 2017 thanks to the vision of the architect Lorena Gámez and her interdisciplinary team, who have the firm objective of conceiving sites with meaning and purpose, as well as offering comprehensive creative solutions for those who want a superior design experience, from the initial idea to the final result. This is through a complete proposal that includes conceptualization, supervision, and execution in projects of different types – ResidentialCommercialInstitutional, and Hospitality. We had the chance to speak with Lorena Gámez about design challenges, future projects and so much more. Have a look!

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Lorena Gámez is, above all, a problem solver. She sees in her creativity a way to improve the life of her clients and that has been a constant throughout her career. “What I love the most about being an architect and a designer is being able to solve problems and satisfy the needs of our clients with our creative proposals and solutions. We love and enjoy accompanying them in the process, as well as forming this amazing team with them in which we’re able to create and transform incredible and unique spaces. All while always having in mind our main goal: Improving their quality of life in every aspect and senses”, she told us.

When asked about the biggest challenges, she pointed out her first years as an entrepreneur and getting noticed in the design industry. “I believe that, as an entrepreneur, the first years are always the biggest challenge. But there’s nothing you can’t overcome when you focus your whole energy into setting and achieving your goals and objectives in the most positive way”. 

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“One of my favorite quotes, which I believe describes me not only as a designer but as a person in every aspect is: MINDSET IS EVERYTHING. During ByMura’s first year, especially due to our line of work, getting out there and getting noticed was a tricky and complicated process. It’s pretty common for architects to struggle when first setting out, especially when they have no previous or concrete experience, and therefore, no extensive portfolio. Not having a strong portfolio makes it harder to land your first clients, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. I’m a firm believer that if you give it all you got and you go that extra mile nothing can bring you down and your passion will transcend and eventually your work will speak for itself. Challenges are, and always will be, present but if you have a learner’s mindset and are willing to learn from your previous experiences there’s nothing you won’t be able to do. No situation will be too challenging for you”, she continued.

“I believe ByMura and myself, as a designer, have reached a crucial point in our history, but definitely not our peak. Currently we’re definitely experiencing the year that has made us grow and mature the most but I can tell you I’m really excited for everything that’s to come, especially all the new clients and projects we’ve yet to meet within Mexico and abroad. I believe that everything happens for a reason and you are exactly where you need to be at that exact moment, and I know everything we have achieved as a team up to now has lead us to this moment and continues to guide us and opening doors to many more opportunities everyday.” – Lorena Gámez

However, the designer still has dreams to achieve. “The biggest dream I’m excited to tackle is being able to place Mexico on the industry’s map internationally, not only for the work and designs we create and do at ByMura but because of our identity, character, attention and quality that we offer day to day in each and every project as well. No matter the size of our projects, big, small, or somewhere in between, we’re always happy and excited to give every single client our all and we can´t wait to continue to share our creative solutions in every country”. 

Lorena Gámez also gave us an insight when we asked about what makes her feel fulfilled professionally“Throughout the years, I’ve noticed how my greatest pleasure is seeing how, as an architect and designer, you can transform spaces and therefore be able to leave a mark in our projects and our clients’ lives. As designers, we can’t forget that our primary goal is to offer quality in every sense of the word. We do this by always having in mind the objective: solving problems and satisfying needs through creative and integral solutions, which leads us to create experiences through memorable and unique spaces. Hearing our clients’ feedback is our favorite part of every project. Especially when we listen to things like ‘I can’t believe this is my house’ or ‘I love coming to work every day to my store’. Hearing this gives us more than enough satisfaction and motivation for our following projects”.  

“I can proudly say that ByMura’s primary source of ‘promotion’ it’s through ‘word of mouth’ and recommendations. As a team, we have achieved forming a family of clients of ByMura since day one. Nonetheless, we know how important it is to share and communicate our work and our beliefs to grow, reach out and connect with our users and clients. We strongly believe in the power of social media. We’re constantly sharing through social media platforms like Instagram, Behance, and Facebook our daily routines, design processes, projects, and more, so clients can identify themselves with us on a much more personal level and relate connect with the methodology and work ethic of ByMura.” – Lorena Gámez

We then asked Lorena about current projects and the inspiration behind her work. “We’re always working on something new; it may be a project or even a new product for our sister brand Products ByMura. We’re always looking to stay active and up to date and keep up with the trends and needs of the constantly changing design world. The inspiration that guides ByMura never changes, offering and creating unique, timeless, and functional personalized experiences through creative integral solutions to improve the quality of life of our clients. We focus on providing designs based on a strong timeless concept, a main idea, a theme, which guided by needs, necessities, functionality, order and other structure guidelines which supported by nowadays trends and fashions we can bring emotions and senses to life in a tridimensional space”, she said.

Regarding collaborations in the future, she told us about her partnership with CIRCU.

“We can’t wait for our newest partnership with CIRCU. We’re sure that this collaboration will be the beginning of a great relationship for years to come as partners in design in their collections Magic Rooms. As well as representatives of their brand and their products in Mexico and Latin America.” – Lorena Gámez