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Exclusive Interview With Claire Delmar

Claire Delmar

STUDIO CD is led by creative director Claire Delmar and practices within the creative spheres of residential and commercial interior design projects, residential and commercial styling projects, interior and food editorial styling, concept stores and merchandising, interior and cookbook styling, advertising campaigns, and TVC’s. Known for creating deep emotion and feeling within spaces and vignettes her expert use of texturemateriality, tone, and color sees her as one of Australia’s well-known creatives. Without further ado, let’s discover more about this inspiring designer and her work!

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Exclusive Interview With Claire Delmar

It all started with a question that always gives us so much about the person on the other side and Claire Delmar is clearly one of the most interesting designers we ever interviewed. We asked Claire what she loves the most about her work and she gave us a striking answer – “I love that my career allows me to be at the forefront of what’s happening within the design community, both here in Australia and internationally. My work is predominately in the interiors sphere, and this allows me to indulge my love of furniture, lighting, architectural and object design on a regular basis. In a way, I’m the conduit between beautiful objects and resolved spaces, people want to be in and that is very rewarding”, she told us.

Exclusive Interview With Claire Delmar

Interior design is a path of discovery all the time and the designer came a long way since she started her career. “Work-life balance is paramount so learning to say no is an absolute must. And to enjoy the design process, as dreaming up and creating the final result is the most exciting part”, she said. “I don’t think I will ever be in a place where I feel that I’ve achieved everything in my life. I love that in life you’re constantly learning and growing and you never know what’s around the corner, so watch this space”. 

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Exclusive Interview With Claire Delmar

We were very curious about what makes Claire feel fulfilled professionally and she didn’t hesitate – “Having a variety of work, across editorial and campaign styling as well as private interior design commissions is what keeps my creativity alive. I get a lot of fulfillment from working across various projects simultaneously and being able to apply and hone all of my design skills”.

Exclusive Interview With Claire Delmar

We also learned about the relationship between her and her audience, and how the design community in Australia is so connected. “My relationship with my audience is one that I have built and nurtured over many years. The design community in Australia is quite connected, so I enjoy sharing my work with my audience via social media and digital marketing campaigns, and my colleagues and I often share one another’s projects where possible so it’s a really supportive environment”, Claire told us.

“I recently completed a project in Collingwood, Melbourne. The project has been created by a wonderful team of creatives and merges a combination of old and new architecture within a living precinct. The Collingwood area boasts incredibly stylish dining, boutiques and architecture so we understand the clientele are after something different, with an edge rather than a standard design. Our focus was on using unique pieces that have an artistic and sculptural tone to them. By integrating different shapes, colors and materiality throughout the space it means you can feel a subtle reflection of the vibrant and sophisticated suburb. The interiors are refined in style which allowed us to complement the natural finishes of the residences by layering in unique, sculptural, high-end pieces that have a quiet comfort to their style. Additionally, we layered soft tones against rich colors, natural materials and modern finishes, which while juxtapose they work together to create a calm yet sophisticated home”. – Claire Delmar

Exclusive Interview With Claire Delmar

Regarding the trends at the moment, Claire told us about the mixing of materials. “Mixing of materials is a really exciting trend emerging at the moment, not only throughout interior design but also in furniture design. I’m seeing lots of layering of timbers, stones, metals and marbles which, when done with restraint, can be really successful”, she said.

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When it comes to her client type, Claire told us that they are either architects or designers“My clients generally fall into two categories, architects & designers and commercial & residential projects, so it is rather varied in relation to client type. I work with some of Australia’s leading architects and interior designers on their vision to provide that final polish for either an editorial shoot or campaign. I also consult on interior finishes and FF&E from initial engagement all the way through to install”. 

“It’s the creative process that fulfills my dreams rather than specific projects, the continuation of feeling inspired and growing in the field is what drives me. I’m always learning and trying to evolve my style through freedom of choice and I’m lucky enough now that my clients are very trusting. In regards to collaboration, I’m working on a couple at the moment… so I will be excited to release those when they are completed”, she kindly told us about her creative process.

“I hope that the industry continues to focus on and improve sustainability practices both here in Australia and globally. We all have to do our part to reduce the harm to our natural environment and we would love to see large and small businesses become carbon neutral and focus on carbon offsetting. In our practice, we consider factors such as efficient and effective use of space, selecting building materials and furnishing that offer low environmental impact, waste and energy consumption when working on our interior spaces, and we actively align ourselves with similarly aware designers”. – Claire Delmar

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