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Exclusive Interview With Berdoulat


Today, Best Interior Designers will tell you to know the top interior designer Berdoulat. This amazing designer is from southwest France, where he lived in an 18th farmhouse. It was in this farmhouse that he has his first contact with architecture and design, working on this old house with his family. With this experience, Berdoulat gained a passion for buildings, furniture, objects, and decoration. Because of that, this amazing interior designer has a classic decoration style, not focused on trends of the design world.



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Berdoulat is graduated with a BA Hons in Fine Art from Oxford University in 2003 and has since then dedicated his time to his business. His collection of furniture, kitchen wares, tableware, and decorative items was developed with his wife, Neri, who shares the taste by art and selling beautiful things.

Exclusive Interview With Berdoulat

What Berdoulat most loves about his work is when the work is successful and responds to the host building/environment in such a way as to be an honest intervention that does not jar.

For Berdoulat, the most challenging time in their career was the beginning.

At the start of one’s career in interior design, it’s unlikely people will come to you for what you do. Beggars can’t be choosers, so you have to take on jobs that might not necessarily chime with your taste. It’s only once one is established and has a portfolio of work, that people want “the Berdoulat look” or “Berdoulat approach”. I remember at the very start having to incorporate elements into an interior the client was desperate to include that were completely at odds with my vision for the space (such as rugs made from zebra skins) and finding this tricky.

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Exclusive Interview With Berdoulat

Berdoulat and his wife are apologists of a simple life, an idea that is directly reflected in the interior design style of this designer. He misses the place he grows up, because of the simple and natural landscape, the food, and the people. His dream is to have a home nestled in a valley in the Gers someday.

Exclusive Interview With Berdoulat

And what makes this amazing interior designer fulfilled professionally? What makes him love his job?

When I feel that I have introduced something that will outlive me and the client, and remain beautiful, or better still get increasingly beautiful as it develops a patina over time.


Exclusive Interview With Berdoulat

Berdoulat favorite social media and way of communicating with the audience is Instagram.

Instagram is certainly a very useful tool. Since launching the showroom/shop, we’ve been able to show physical examples of our collection to the public in the flesh, which has proven very useful.

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At the moment, Berdoulat is working on some very interesting projects!

We have some really interesting projects in the pipeline as a practice, from fusing together a pair of mews houses behind the Albert Hall to the restoration of a beautiful 18th-century canal house in Amsterdam. We have just launched our shop in Bath, which is very much the realization of a childhood dream, set over three levels, it could almost be described as a miniature department store for all things culinary, selling wines and spices, through to homeware and furniture of our own design.

Berdoulat client type is a creative person, who takes delight in detail. They often have a decent understanding of how they want something to look, or how they want space, and just need someone to connect all the dots.

In the future, is possible that we will see this top interior designer working with Pentreath Hall to do a product together. Also, this designer is working with Sessions & Co. and Mark Hearld on a brass mobile, which they hope to launch in time for Christmas.

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What does Berdoulat think about craftsmanship?

I love what Sebastian Cox is doing, and in many ways, I feel that part of “craftsmanship” is about being responsible when it comes to the sustainability of the materials one uses. We sell the work of Marcus Jacka (Non-Standard Furniture) in the shop. I’ve been lucky enough to work with Marcus for 16 years now, and he never ceases to impress me with his craftsmanship. He used to lecture in quantum physics before launching a career as a cabinet maker, and this has informed his understanding of materials, and overall approach. Coupled with this is a real appreciation for form, proportion, aesthetics, and finish.

And what will be the future of interior design in the future? Will be different?

Since lockdown, people have become more and more interested in their interior environments, and I believe collectively there’s a greater appreciation for craft. Well made “heirloom” pieces will, I sincerely hope, take the place of the cheap mass-produced.