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Exclusive Interview With Adam Meshberg

Adam Meshberg

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Today, on Best Interior Designers, we will talk about the top interior designer of New York Adam Meshberg, the founder of the Meshberg Group, a Brooklyn-based architecture and interior design firm specializing in new construction interior and exterior design, historic preservation, and adaptive re-use.

Meshberg Group practices have a focus on integrating timeless architectural elements of the past with contemporary materials and methods of the present, incorporating principles of sustainability, branding, and modern technology. Careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes informs their approach to innovative, tailored design solutions, void of prescribed formulas.


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Is the satisfaction of seeing their initial designs come to life that moves the work of Adam Meshber and his team.

“I truly enjoy the process of going from conversation to sketch and renderings and then to the final result. I also enjoy the end user’s reaction to the final product and learning about how they interact with the space we’ve created for them.”

Adam Meshberg

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Exclusive Interview With Adam Meshberg

Starting with a small group of four people, Meshberg Group grew rather quickly to a team of at least ten people. This growth was a big challenge for Adam Meshber and his team because these changes shifted their company culture a bit in going from an intimate office setting to a larger team with multiple personalities and talents.

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Exclusive Interview With Adam Meshberg

Adam Meshberg considered himself a very fortunate person. He has a healthy family with a wife and two children and he does what he loves for a living. His biggest dream is about bringing his work full circle by designing the interiors of luxury boats/yachts, like was the start of his career.

“I think it’s healthy to set goals for personal growth though, and one of mine is to contribute to a public works project.”

Adam Meshberg

Exclusive Interview With Adam Meshberg

It’s the process that makes Adam Meshberg fulfilled professionally.

“For me, it’s the process. From meeting a client to closing a deal to coming up with a design concept and then executing it smoothly. It’s also incredibly fulfilling to have a team that is excited and passionate about every single project we take on. Finally, there’s genuine satisfaction when we’re able to overcome challenges together, as a team. I think it’s about realizing that just as every project will have issues that come up naturally in construction & design, there will always be solutions and it’s much more enjoyable to go at them as a team with ownership, authenticity and creativity.”

Adam Meshberg

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Exclusive Interview With Adam Meshberg

Adam Meshberg likes to be an approachable person with his clients, being a friend who can offer trustworthy and professional advice and solutions for creating a better living space. Meshberg Group’s client persona is really broad, but, no matter the scale of the project, their designs continue to be approachable and timeless. They really cater to everyone because people are attracted to spaces that feel like home and not just spaces that are picture-perfect.

Exclusive Interview With Adam Meshberg

Right now, Adam Meshberg and his group is working on a high-rise in Downtown Miami that offers furnished turnkey units. Thanks to the partners involved in this project like Air B&B, they are bringing a unique living concept to the area, that speaks to the ongoing Downtown Miami transformation – to be at the forefront of something like this is pretty special. We hope soon tell your more about this project!

Exclusive Interview With Adam Meshberg

Also, we asked Adam Meshberg what he thinks that it’s a trend at the moment in the design world – here is his answer:

“I think that wellness is a trend that is here to stay. We’re now thinking about how spaces add to our wellness both in multi-family developments and in private residential projects. We’re asking questions like how do natural materials and soft lighting benefit our health? How can we facilitate in the indoor-outdoor living connection through conscious design? We’re revisiting what ordinary amenity spaces look like and designing with wellness top of mind.”

Adam Meshberg

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Wellness and sustainability are two important aspects for Mesheberg Group and what they see for the future of the design world.

“We all have to be conscious creators and we have to implement designs that promote personal wellness while also contributing at a larger scale to sustainable practices. I think we all need to be thinking about things like reducing waste and carbon emissions and how we can design for these sorts of practices.”

Adam Meshberg

In craftsmanship, Adam Meshberg believes that is the boutique construction companies that are leading the way. They have the in-house capabilities to create everything under one roof. It’s the smaller firms that develop made-in-America pieces like light fixtures, furniture, and more, in-house in their own metal and wood shops- crafting everything in one place where they’re able to pay attention to details.

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