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An Eclectic Stylish Space In Partnership with Eyad Badra

Being eclectic also means celebrating a unique mix of different cultures, eras, and styles. The new Caffe Latte and Covet House project, designed by Eyad Badra, is the ideal example of that feeling in a visually and incredibly personal, stylish space.





The living room combines the best of two worlds: the opulent luxury of pieces rich in gold details, which contrasts perfectly with the modern and contemporary comfort of functional, nature-inspired products. Wales II Sofa, from Brabbu, is the main bulwark of elegance in this space, along with the wood Robusta Center Table, by Caffe Latte. Besides these great statement pieces, different complements of case goods and lighting shine, such as Huli Round MirrorNaicca Suspension Lamp, or Aurum Wall Lamp, from Brabbu.



Wales II Sofa



Robusta Center Table


Huli Mirror


Naicca Suspension Lamp




On the other hand, Prisma Side Table by LuxxuWinnow Table Lamp, from Caffe Latte, and White Garden Rug, by Rug’Society, give the final touch of minimalism and neutrality, which renews and soothes the atmosphere.



Winnow Table Lamp


White Garden Rug






Regarding the dining room, dominated by different mid-century, modern, and classic design shades, stands out Agra II Dining Table from Brabbu, whose marble surface highlights the finesse and richness of the piece, as well as the burgundy and vintage Collins Dining Chair, by Essential Home or the iconic Hera Suspension Lamp, from Boca do Lobo. Behind the dining area, there is a small and subtle foyer, where the functional and neutral spirit reigns, whether through the dynamic Latte Sideboard from Caffe Latte, Kayan Round Mirror, and Apache Table Lamp, both designed by Brabbu, or the minimal Vinicius Side Table, by Essential Home.



Agra II Dining Table


Collins Dining Chair



Hera Suspension Lamp




Kayan Mirror


Latte Sideboard


Vinicius Side Table



In a cohesive design, where bold colors and patterns are favored, this is a stunning and sophisticated dwelling, conceived by Eyad Badra, that combines elegant pieces and stylish lines with an emphasis on natural light and materials.


What do you think about this eclectic space?


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