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Discover The Creative Work of YO2

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YO2 is a pioneering design brand, creating timeless cast iron planters, wallpapers and rugs. It’s founder is Pericles Liatsos, the creative director, that started the company in 2011 after obtaining his BA in Industrial Design at the Academia Delle Belle Arte in Roma and his Master of Arts from Rome’s Quassar in Interior Architecture.  Since then, YO2 has been growing and is now a powerful tool for the design industry!


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YO2 provides innovative and contemporary design solutions for their international clientele.  YO2’s design philosophy is to enrich their clients’ lives through the spaces in which they live, by creating contemporary designs that both respect the culture and bring with it a twist of classical influence. Each collection has been designed with the client at the forefront of their minds, and each product can be custom-made.


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Evident throughout their designs is a clear crossover between technical, intellectual and creative skills that result in harmonious, eyecatching products that are both unique and an ode to the past. Whilst a common theme of modern Baroque can be found within many of their designs, and the overall marriage of classical influence and contemporary conceptualization are present.


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YO2’s remarkable range of digitally printed, luxury wallpapers are available in various styles, shapes and colour variations. Ranging from geometric and floral prints to avant-garde and Baroque styles, these wallpapers are available in both subtle shades or busy creations.


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YO2 also offers an array of elegant, luxurious rugs and broadlooms. Their rug designs combine advanced colour technologies and high-quality materials to create durable, dazzling patterns. These products are available in light and dark colours, geometric and floral prints, and in a variety of neo-classical styles.


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These statement designs are made using cast iron and corrosion-resistant finishes in order to withstand the test of time. Transforming each and every space in which they inhabit, these planters range from innovative classical sculptures to geometric animals.


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