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Discover Here The Design Trends From Maison Et Objet 2020

Maison Et Objet 2020! Design has taken over Paris this week with the popular event Maison Et Objet! Every year Maison Et Objet host numerous luxury brands that present their newest furniture pieces and design ideas. Join Best Interior Designers and discover the design trends that will revolutionize the design world!

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Discover Here The Design Trends From Maison Et Objet 2020


Popular in the 60’s curved soft furnishings have now taken hold on sideboards and even suspension lamps, but their return to sofas and seating make it one of the most intriguing and even covetable interior design trends. Curved shapes give the opportunity for a conversation, communication and make the furniture look comfortable and inviting



Discover Here The Design Trends From Maison Et Objet 2020


Grey is an on-trend yet timeless color for any space and can be used throughout the home. The versatility of the shade means that each space can take on a unique feel depending on what it’s paired with and the many different shades of grey lead to endless pairing options to ensure no room is ever the same.



Discover Here The Design Trends From Maison Et Objet 2020


In 2019, the intense green color has had a good role in textiles and decorative accessories, but in 2020 we will continue seeing it both smoothly and as part of prints. Green can help enhance vision, stability, and endurance. Green takes up more space in the spectrum visible to the human eye and it is the dominant color in the natural. It is a natural choice in interior design as an ideal background or backdrop because we as humans are so used to seeing it everywhere.




A timeless and enduring blue hue, Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue is elegant in its simplicity. Suggestive of the sky at dusk, the reassuring qualities of the thought-provoking Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue highlight the desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.



Discover Here The Design Trends From Maison Et Objet 2020


Neutral Colors will never go out of style. The most important aspect of this kind of space is to introduce various subtle details that will give a bit more character to an interior. Discreet and trendy tones that provide lightness and elegance to any room.




One of the most unique and remarkable design trends for the next year will be the luxury design featuring fine handcrafted pieces.





Natural materials never really go out of fashion and there is a reason for that, they are amazing neutrals and give an instant feeling of luxury and style to any space. The natural materials trend focuses on the use of tactile materials like rattan, bamboo, seagrass, and cork. They are inherently more eco-friendly than their artificial counterparts. It’s good for the environment,  and your family, as well.



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