Design Talks With Elif Arslan
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Design Talks with Elif Arslan: Amazing Projects from Istanbul

Elif Arslan

Design Talks with Elif Arslan is the ninth design talks interview we have to present! Elif Arslan has always been interested in spaces and their connection with the rest of the home. After graduating in Turkey with a degree in architecture and environmental design, and taking her Master’s in Milan, she started to analyze people’s needs, so she could adapt her concept. Not only that, but she also gave more attention to detail on small scales. By taking inspiration from different fabulous cities and their heritage, Elif told Best Interior Designers how her work evolved and began.


Living room By Elif Arslan


Elif Arslan has experienced different cultures throughout her years of study. The history and cultural heritage belonging to cities such as Istanbul have an impact on design, as the architectural language is intrinsically connected to the rest of the elements. This language is full of surprises and changes, something she applied in her work. The designer works mostly with residential lots, retail, educational, and office places – by trying to follow trends but still making sure she maintains the company’s concept. She told us that “(…) you have to reflect your brand to your settlement as an identity”



Living Room Design By Elif Arslan


The designer also worked with nursery rooms and kid’s rooms, and they turned out to be a pleasant challenge. It requires much more effort in order to meet the child’s expectations and needs. A designer needs to take into consideration the fact that the child will eventually grow up, therefore, the bedroom needs to adapt to that evolution.


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When asked to describe her design style, Elif defined it by the use of bold and vivid colors, the playing with volumes, and by having unique complimentary items to the designs. Nonetheless, she tries to incorporate it with new trends. The designer informed us that she felt a change in tastes, as many of the furniture turn back to the ’50s and even 60’s architectural style.


Beautiful Living Room Design By Elif arslan



The world’s circumstances implied a change in her work. There is more attention to comfort and quality because people tend to work more from home. Having quality furniture, and working on style, has a positive impact on people’s lives and moods. This new focus led them to have much more residential projects and customers tend to ask for more comfy and clean styles to create a relaxing environment.


Dining Room By Elif Arslan


Elif Arslan tries to follow master Turkish and Italian architects whose works have much attention to detail, and are utterly inspirational. She hopes to have as much attention in her own projects in a near future. Home’Society style has complimented her artistic vision in many ways, having the Ardara Console as a favorite. She told us she finds it very organic and trendy. Sculptural furniture as such plays with volumes and tends to be extremely fun to work with. Elif Arslan ended our interview by giving some advice to future designers. She stresses that they should use their education, history, and follow master architects in design. They should work as inspirations.

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Open Concept Living Room By Elif Arslan

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