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Design Classics: The Iconic Six Interior Designers


We live in a day and age where Interior Design is considered a serious professional and Interior Designers are taken seriously, but that wasn’t always the case. In a not so recent past, Interior Design was considered a hobby and a superfluous profession, but that all changed thanks to a group of creative Men and Women who helped shape this industry in the 20th Century and made it what it is today.


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So today, Best Interior Designers will pay an homage to Six amazing Interior Designer that helped grow this industry and produces some of the most amazing Interior Design projects of the 20th Century!


Albert Hadley

Born in deep Tennessee, Albert Hadley became known worldwide for his modern style for his time, which deftly incorporated a mix of design styles from pure vintage American to contemporary Avangard! Hadley eventually joined forces with another top and legendary North-American interior design Sister Parish in 1962, creating the amazing design firm Parish-Hadley Associates. This firm styled produce some amazing Design Projects, but its top design production was definitely the Redecoration of the White House for the Kennedy Family, namely Jackie O.

Billy Baldwin 

Design Classics: The Iconic Six Interior Designers

Billy Baldwin was at once a classicist and a modernist creator. He despised the word “Interior Designer”, but the World of Design considers him one of the Best Interior Designers that ever lived. He was known for his gigantic disdain for the florid, the baroque and the rococo. He privileged the clean-cut, hard-edged and pared-down designs. That’s why his works were considered slick, in the positive sense: neat, trim and tidy. Everything in his projects was tailored, starched and polished but yet, at the same time, they were uncontrived-looking. He fully represented the American Style.

David Nightingale Hicks

Design Classics: The Iconic Six Interior Designers

One of the most famous English Interior Designers of All Time, David Nightingale Hicks was famous for using bold colors, mixing antique and modern furnishings, and contemporary art in his amazing and stylish projects! Hicks died in 1998, but is legacy may still be seen at Belle Isle, Fermanagh, where the Duke of Abercorn hired him to redecorate the interior of the castle in the 1990s.

Elsie de Wolfe

Design Classics: The Iconic Six Interior Designers

Born in New York City in 1865, Elsie de Wolfe boasted a lifestyle as glamorous as her decor. Known as “America’s first decorator,” her history reads not just as one wild romance and adventure novel, but several different ones. De Wolfe successfully restyled the house on Irving Place that she shared with Marbury, eschewing the stuffy Victorian decorating approach of her day by decluttering, simplifying, and warming up its gloomy and too-busy interiors.

Jean-Michel Frank

Design Classics: The Iconic Six Interior Designers

Jean-Michel Frank was the most celebrated decorator and designer of the era. Known as a minimalist, it’s Frank’s layer of maximalism that makes his work so interesting and complex. His projects were often to decorate rooms with Picassos and Braques hanging on the walls, and his circles included everyone from Parisian artists to socialites, Man Ray to the Rockefellers.

Sister Parish 

Design Classics: The Iconic Six Interior Designers

Well-heeled, well-connected Sister Parish was born in 1910 to parents with homes in Manhattan, New Jersey, Maine, and Paris. She attended the Chapin School in Manhattan and married Henry Parish in 1930. Her style was a counterpoint to her antiques collector father’s heavy, dark, brown furniture and is credited with popularizing that American country aesthetic in the 1960s. Her unforgiving assessment of a client’s space before she started any design project involved rolling a tea cart around the room, editing out any items that didn’t meet with her approval.

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