Deluxe Interiors – Hilfiger’s Castle in the Sky
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Deluxe Interiors – Hilfiger’s Castle in the Sky

The Plaza Hotel is one of New Yorks most widely known condominiums buildings, not only for its Architectural beauty but also for the undeniable charm of its interiors and their perfect mix between classical interior design (with a slight artistic twist) and the mid-century aesthetic that to this day still prevails. It wasn’t for nothing that one of these apartments was known as Hilfiger’s Castle in the Sky.


Boasting not only one of the most beautiful views available in New York but also one of its most deluxe interiors, Hilfiger’s Castle in the Sky, also known as Apartment 1809, is without a doubt the Crown Jewel of this already dauntingly marvelous and iconic building in New York City. It was, after all, previously owned by Tommy Hilfiger.

View from the Castle in the Sky

While located in a breathtaking prime location, the interior of the Castle in the Sky is what undoubtedly steals the spotlight. After undergoing an extensive and minute 20$ million dollar renovation, this palatial penthouse brings back the splendor of the French-Renaissance style with a mid-century twist, complete with a large Gallery room, a Grand Salon, as well as the loveliest drawing room with a customizable fireplace. 

Also noteworthy is the Dome Tea Room overlooking the worldwide famous Central Park, which boasts an awe-inspiring custom hand-painted mural by the one and only Hilary Knight. A touch of singularity and care, that is felt all throughout the halls, corridors, and rooms of the main level of this Castle in the Sky.

The Castle’s Dome Tea Room

Its upper level is a product of love, care, and attention for interior design. The Castle’s Master Suite includes double dressing rooms, and a Bathroom of such finesse that has almost the look, feel, and appliances of a Spa.

The Master Suite

No Castle is complete without its magical garden, and this Castle in the Sky boasts a wondrous Terrace which not only overlooks one of America’s most famous Parks, as well as being right next to the famed Dome of the Plaza, a marvel of Architectural beauty. It goes without saying that such an illustrious abode is complete with various stylish complementary bedrooms, as well as Guest Sitting Room so that guests can take in the breadth and beauty of this majestic Manor.

A Castle in the Sky is just what everyone dreams of, isn’t it?

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