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David Collins Studio | Club Lucca, Villa Lucca

David Collins Studio is here! In Hong Kong’s New Territories, at the Villa Lucca housing complex, David Collins Studio created the “Club Lucca” clubhouse. This brand-new construction offers luxurious housing in a prime location, with the 2,4000 square meter clubhouse servicing residents on two storeys.

David Collins Studio | Club Lucca, Villa Lucca

With a focus on wellbeing, David Collins Studio’s design for Club Lucca is inspired by nature. The most upscale amenities are offered by the Director’s Club and Spa, while all residents can use the Wellness and Entertainment zones. A Tuscan hilltop villa is suggested throughout by the use of terrazzo and other traditional Italian architectural elements. While varied material elements, such as door handles, help to define separate zones, the architectural language of cornices, architraves, and metal trim gives continuity across the project.

Block color palettes contrast the interior architecture’s monochrome design to highlight the many spaces and their functions. For this project, David Collins Studio created a family of lighting fixtures with Portoro stone and metal features and tones of light onyx and natural alabaster. A custom family of furniture has also been developed, mimicking the natural world with curves and organic designs.

‘’My vision for Club Lucca has always been to create formality within nature. What you will find is classical forms, linked by frivolous organic gestures. A building which promotes flow, movement and calm and marries interior and exterior landscaping and finishes. Drifting mobiles, reaching arches, informal luxury and exquisite natural materials. A framework of strong colours, which harmonises throughout and ensure that each interior feels special and has its own unique appeal.’’ – Simon Rawlings, Creative Director at David Collins Studio.

An original material palette for this project has been created using traditional Italian stones. The floors are Palladiana Terrazzo in extra-large scale, which was created exclusively for Club Lucca and features polished Calcutta Oro chips set against a matt pale grey. Other famous stones are black Portoro Oro with amber veining and white Calcutta Oro with grey and gold veining.

The Activity and Entertainment Zone Main Entrances feature custom reception desks and console tables covered with naturally occurring pen shell (saltwater clams) in black and dark green from Natured Squared. Moreover, the Activities Zone Grand Entry uses it as a wall finish. In the Spa and Function Room, mother of pearl is used as a wall finish and furniture finish. Another distinctive element found throughout the Clubhouse is brass detailing, which is employed in satin, polished, and antique finishes.



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